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The Dissenter

Texas’ highest criminal court turned Elsa Alcala into one of the state’s most prominent death penalty critics.

Elsa Alcala began her legal career in the Harris County DA’s office, joining a prosecutorial machine famous for cranking out death sentences. Three decades la...Read More

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‘Go Back to Islam’

When hatred collides with Texas’ Stand Your Ground law, the result is fatal.

A Houston widow is still trying to process the shooting death of her husband, who she believes was killed not in self-defense, but out of Islamophobic rage....Read More

Lloyd Oliver

Dem Candidate for Harris County DA Says Domestic Violence is ‘Overrated’

Oliver doesn’t just hold some old-fashioned ideas about family violence. He makes it clear that he wants to be Harris County DA to reduce prosecution of domestic abuse.

More than a quarter of the Texas women murdered by their partners die in Harris County. But Lloyd Oliver, who won the Democratic nomination for DA in 2012 and i...Read More