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Lawmakers Killed a Plan to Shut Down 87 Driver’s Licenses Offices. That’s Good News for Voters.

The DPS proposed to close “inefficient” driver’s licenses office in mainly rural areas, even though it would have created an extra hurdle for voters to get state-required photo ID.

In a victory for Texas voters on Wednesday, a panel of state lawmakers unanimously killed a proposal to shutter up to 87 “inefficient” Department of Public ...Read More

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Your Brain on the Border

The science of the brain can shed some light on the rhetoric surrounding the border surge and the Texas Legislature's policy decisions.

For insights into the thinking behind the Texas Legislature’s proposed border policy—which amounts to more boots, guns and money—we look to the science of...Read More

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The Militia Next Door

At Camp Lonestar, a group of armed volunteers seeks to ‘push back the illegals.’

At Camp Lonestar, a citizen militia campsite outside Brownsville, a group of armed volunteers seeks to ‘push back the illegals.’...Read More