Sweet Tea

Edcouch, 2006

Edcouch, 2006

"Sweet Tea" Edcouch, 2006 Kirsten Luce

This photo was taken while on assignment for The Monitor in an RV park for nudists in Edcouch. The residents in the park were mostly older Winter Texans, and they were hanging out in the pool, exercising, playing cards and riding bikes. I spent most of the afternoon with the couple in this picture. As I chatted with the woman over a glass of sweet tea, she asked me if I wanted to see a dress she had made for a dance at the RV park. She tried it on for me; it was a sheer black mesh tunic, no shoes. I guess nudists still like to get dressed up every once in a while.

See more of Austin photographer Kirsten Luce’s work at kirstenluce.com. CALL FOR ENTRIES: Seeking Texas-based documentary photography that captures the strangest state. Please send inquiries to [email protected].

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