Should We Be Forced to Buy Health Care?



Dave Mann

I’ll start with a question: What items in your life does the government require you to purchase from a private company?

I’ll venture a guess at the answer: Nothing.

Care insurance, you say? Not really. You’re required to buy it only if you have a car. You still have the choice whether to buy a car. No car, no insurance. Same with home insurance. You’re still choosing to buy a home.

In other cases, the government mandates something but provides the means. For instance, you’re required to educate your child, but the government provides a system of free, public schools.

Nowhere in our lives does the government mandate that — no matter what — we must buy a product from the private sector.

But that may be about to change.

Congress is currently debating a bill that would require all Americans to have health insurance.

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Dave Mann is a former editor of the Observer.