Poetic Justice, Alive and Well in San Antonio


Whether they’re here for our wildly inspiring culture or just because we have damn good breakfast tacos, artists in San Antonio are here to stay.  And on September 23rd, they’re bringing their work into your own back yard.  Rather, they’re bringing it to la yarda at Krazy Vatos Emporium located at 2342 S. Presa in Southtown.  Entering center stage: Gregg Barrios, an Observer contributor and San Antonio playwright extraordinaire.

The event, aptly titled “Expreso Mi Cultura: Celebrating the Poetry of Gregg Barrios,” promises to showcase a plethora of poetic, cinematic, theatrical, musical, and literary talent via our local, national, and Latino art funnels.  Guest artist and performers include Carmen Tafolla and Danny de la Paz, with additional sabor added lovingly by Greg Hinojosa, Trey Moore, Ben Olguin, Anthony Flores, and The Way The World Ends.  The powers that be at Krazy Vatos are forecasting a 7pm start time, so I’d recommend arriving a bit earlier to cash in on a good seat at this free show.

Be sure to circle back to your Texas Observer web bookmark on Monday to read my post-event blog.  I’ll be able to catch up with Mr. Barrios himself after the show, and I might even light a candle with a prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe, asking to spend a full hour with him over coffee and pan dulce to discuss his newest poetry.  Still, I can’t help but hope that you won’t have to rely too heavily on this author’s follow-up, because you will have been there to partake and celebrate con la gente yourself.  To put it simply, this is a sweet, but very sweet, memory just waiting to be made.