Pity Sarah Palin



Dave Mann

And, no, I’m not being facetious with that headline.

After reading this story in today’s New York Times, I can’t help but feel bad for the woman.

Forget the rumors about a looming scandal. It now seems that Palin resigned because she was melting down.

She’s losing weight. Her hair is falling out. Her administration is in demolition derby mode.

John McCain did her — not to mention the rest of us — a real disservice when he asked her to join the ticket last year. She was in way, way over her head, even more so than most people thought, which is really saying something.

Consider this anecdote from the Times:

[A] disconnect emerged between Ms. Palin’s political and official operations, resulting in embarrassing blunders.After the Conservative Political Action Conference, a meeting of the Republican Party’s evangelical base, announced that the governor would have a coveted speaking role at its annual gathering in February, she canceled, citing scheduling conflicts. Then, organizers of one of the most important Republican Congressional fund-raisers of the year said they had been assured by a political aide to Ms. Palin that she would be their headliner, only to have her Anchorage office announce that she knew nothing about it.

Yikes. Given all that, Rick Perry might want to get confirmation from Palin in writing.