Philipp Meyer talks about The Son at Book People

Philipp Meyer, whose story “You Are Right Here” appeared in the Observer’s 2011 books issue, is on a roll lately. His second novel, The Son, is garnering rave reviews, with the Daily Beast going so far as to call it “the next great western.” He’s coming back to Austin—where he graduated from UT’s Michener Center—to read at Book People on Thursday at 7 PM.

The Son—Part II of a planned trilogy that began with 2009’s American Rust—spans the 20th century in surveying the fortunes of a Texas oil and cattle family. It’s a tale of abduction, survival, power, and race shot through with the complexities Meyer has proven so adept at teasing out of his characters.

Look for a full review of The Son in the July issue of the Observer.

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Nick Swartsell is a freelance writer and graduate student at the University of Texas.