Perry Strokes Boot in El Paso, But Has No Sole



Is it my imagination or is Rick Perry saying even nuttier things than usual on the campaign trail?

First it’s his comments yesterday about the Cameron Todd Willingham case which my fellow Observite Dave Mann has been doing a great job blogging about on The Contrarian. Perry’s repugnant sticking-to-his-guns banter makes him sound like an amoral Neanderthal.

He was in El Paso yesterday for a fundraiser and stopped to tour a Lucchese boot factory, according to the El Paso Times. Since it’s election time, Perry has been making much noise about sending the Texas Rangers to the border. He’s got a sexy name for it called “Ranger Recon” which sounds like a Chuck Norris movie that went straight to video (I guess they probably all do these days).

He’s just got to send the Rangers because the feds (i.e.) Kay Bailey Hutchinson don’t have the political cojones to secure the border.

He’s been very evasive, though, about how many Rangers he’s sending and what exactly they will be doing on the border. That’s probably because there are only 134 Rangers in the entire state. Rangers are already stationed in Presidio and El Paso and other sites along the border.  So that means he’ll be pulling Rangers off of important investigations in the rest of the state to go down to the border to make Perry look mas macho than Kay.

So, yesterday Perry was stroking boots at Lucchese and coincidentally talking about “The fact that the federal government needs to be addressing our requests for additional boots on the ground” (nice photo op). Perry told reporters that “criminals were using spots along the border as their personal playgrounds.” Oh really? Are they building swing sets?

He then went on to say about his campaign nemesis Kay “I hope she stays in Washington D.C., and continues to stop that Obama health care and the (anti-pollution legislation) and the other assaults on our freedoms.”

Uh, what?