Observer Radio Episode 72: The Political Implications of Rick Perry’s Indictment

Patrick Michels

Rick Perry
Rick Perry speaks before turning himself in for booking on Thursday, August 19, 2014.  Patrick Michels

Observer associate editor Forrest Wilder and politics writer Chris Hooks join us just a couple of days after watching Gov. Rick Perry turn himself in for booking in Austin. There are several questions sparked by Perry’s indictment. Chief among them: Could the governor somehow use this situation to springboard his way into the White House?

Staff writer Melissa del Bosque joins us to discuss the third story in her four-part series with the Guardian about the border crisis in South Texas. “A Cemetery For Our People” examines the killing fields of Brooks County from the viewpoint of a former Guatemalan diplomat charged with returning the remains of her countrymen who died attempting to cross into Texas.

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