Like Everyone Else, Lou Dobbs and Jon Stewart Can’t Agree on Redistricting


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The Texas redistricting case, which recently came before the U.S. Supreme Court, has continued to heat up while simultaneously confusing the masse. Both political parties are taking the obfuscation inherent in the case as an opportunity to claim the other side is wrong.

Jon Stewart and Lou Dobbs are no different. On Monday’s episode of The Daily Show, Dobbs, a well-documented immigrant hater paradoxically married to a Hispanic woman, (self-loathing, party of two), said he sees the SCOTUS’s recent decision to reject San Antonio federal court-drawn maps as an act of retribution for so-called courtroom activism. Stewart, on the other hand, who, despite claims of loyalty to comedy first, is the quintessential liberal, East Coast elite, interprets the SCOTUS’s move as proof that the original maps were in fact full of Republican Party bias along ethnic lines.

The truth is, they are both right. The Supreme Court did say the maps need to be redrawn because the Legislature’s version was naughty. However, they also said that the San Antonio court was not only in error to draw the maps in the first place, but that they also got a little overzealous by redrawing the entire map and not just those four districts that were full of gerrymandering shenanigans.

What does this tell us about the current state of Texas redistricting? That neither Democrats nor Republicans have a monopoly on evil, that law is really, really hard and I’d rather watch TV, and that Jon Stewart is still infinitely more likeable than Lou Dobbs, (but I actually like Lou the most I’ve ever liked him while watching this clip).

Could all that Occupy stuff be rubbing off on America? Me kinda sorta liking Lou Dobbs for a second, Lou Dobbs conceding that Jon Stewart is a great American, and Jon Stewart pitching a buddy road trip movie with Lou Dobbs? Naaaah. Everyone just has redistricting fatigue.