Hollywood Stars Gone Wild in Marfa



Marfa has been courting artistic types for a few years now. They may be thinking twice about courting Hollywood again after actor Randy Quaid and his wife model/actress Evi Quaid get through with Marfa.

A few weeks ago there was a brief article about the Quaids getting busted in Marfa for an outstanding $10,000 hotel bill at the San Ysidro ranch in swanky Santa Barbara. Too bad for them, I thought. But now I see in the Big Bend Sentinel today that the City of Marfa has obtained  a no-trespassing citation against Evi Quaid after a meeting at city hall turned combative. According to the story “Mrs. Quaid is alleged to have damaged some city documents and hurt a city employee.”

Apparently, the Quaids have taken up residence in Marfa and the entire county knows it. Both of their neighbors have filed civil lawsuits against them. Evi Quaid is also being sued for libel by a Presidio County deputy sheriff, the subject of a sign (I’m guessing not too flattering) hand-painted by Quaid that appeared on the couple’s GMC truck parked along North Highland Avenue.

This is only a small sample of the numerous charges that are piling up against the Quaids in Marfa. Do they not get enough cable channels at home?

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Melissa del Bosque is a staff writer and a 2016-17 Lannan Fellow at The Investigative Fund.