Perry Goes a Little Nutty



Dave Mann

Some of the governor’s comments at a San Antonio church yesterday were flat-out bizarre.

The San Antonio Express-News reports:

The notion that laws should not be informed by religion is an extreme one, Gov. Rick Perry said Sunday in remarks at a San Antonio church, where he challenged the faithful to ‘speak up to defend those whose rights are being eroded by an increasingly secular culture.’

I’ll forgive the guy some pandering to Christian conservatives. He’s running for re-election, after all. And his remarks about un-separating church and state aren’t surprising.

But then it got a little weird:

Perry said he agreed that government should not tell people which church to attend.

‘I totally get that. You know, they’re telling us which cars to buy and which lightbulbs to use now. But they ought not be telling us whether we can go to Baptist, Methodist, whichever one,’ he said.

The government telling people which church to attend? Where is he getting that?

It’s quite a strange statement from the governor of the nation’s second-largest state.

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Dave Mann is a former editor of the Observer.