Loon Star State: Gerrymandering in Texas

Ben Sargent

In the latest Loon Star State, Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Ben Sargent takes on the Texas GOP’s practice of gerrymandering, which has been repeatedly found discriminatory against racial minorities.

The Supreme Court decided Monday that it would consider a Wisconsin redistricting case that raises the question of whether voting maps drawn to favor a political party are constitutional. The result could have huge implications for Texas.

Maps that favor a political party have historically been found constitutional by federal courts. Districts that limit the influence of racial minorities, though, have repeatedly been blocked. The Wisconsin case could limit the Republican-controlled Texas Legislature’s ability to carve up odd-shaped districts that quarantine Democratic voters.

But before the Supreme Court takes up that case in October, a federal court in San Antonio will consider Texas’ congressional and state House maps in July. Judges have said the maps are unconstitutional because they were drawn to dilute minority voters.

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