Eye on Texas: Fantastical Taxidermy

Liz Moskowitz

I photographed Rachel Ahern, owner of Weird City Taxidermy in Round Rock, for a project on Texas taxidermists. Ahern earned a degree in accounting from the University of Texas at Austin before discovering taxidermy. In addition to realistic projects like this coyote, she also creates fantastical mammals such as a nine-tailed red fox and a “black stag” built from parts of deer, elk and sheep. “I think people who are involved in taxidermy look at animals in a different way,” Ahern says. “As much as I love them and love them alive. …At the same time I can look at a dead animal and still love it just as much in a different way. As morbid as it sounds.”

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Liz Moskowitz is a documentary photographer and storyteller based in Austin.

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