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ON THE COVER ILLUSTRATION BY DANIEL HERTZBERG LEFT Inside the Corsicana Residential Treatment Center, one of 19 Texas Youth Commission facilities PHOTO BY LAURA BURKE 06 A WOMAN’S TOUCH by Laura Burke Juvenile inmates can make inviting targets for sex offendersand women are the most frequent perpetrators. Is the Texas Youth Commission ignoring the problem? 12 CASH FLOW by Forrest Wilder A tiny Texas town takes on T. Boone Pickensand tries to save its water. REGULARS 2.0 DATELINE: 01 DIALOGUE SAN ANTONIO 02 POLITICAL Close to the Bone INTELLIGENCE by Barbara Renaud 05 EDITORIAL Gonzalez 05 BEN SARGENT’S LOON STAR STATE 23 STATE OF THE MEDIA 19 HIGHTOWER REPORT Calling George W. by Bill Nlinutaglio 24 CRITIC’S NOTEBOOK UGK 4 Life by Josh Rosenblatt 17 DOGGONE JUSTICE by Joe RAarastiale An ode to old-fashioned violence. 25 BOOK REVIEW 28 PURPLE STATE The Corps of Time Warp New Orleans by Bob Moser by Char Miller 29 EYE ON TEXAS by Michael Stravato CORRECTION: In “A Ruling incorrectly said that the Texas Supreme Court hadn’t yet heard Edwards Aquifer Authority v. Day. In fact, the court took oral arguments in the case in February. The decision, however, is pending. Listen to a podcast with Laura Burke talking about “A Woman’s Touch,” and watch a video of Forrest Wilder’s interviews for “Cash Flow.” 26 POETRY by Harvey Shepard 21 URBAN COWGIRL The Road to Compromise by Ruth Pennebaker