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ON THE COVER PHOTO BY MATT WRIGHT-STEEL THANK YOU TO DEREK JAMES DIAZ AND FAMILY BORN TO BE BARRED by Jazmine !Ana At the border, U.S. citizens are being refused re-entry because they were delivered by midwives. LOCKED OUT by Melissa del Bosque Why is the federal government denying passports to a broad range of U.S. citizens? Laura Nancy Castro, a U.S. citizen, was denied entry after visiting relatives in Mexico. PHOTO BY JAZMINE ULLOA REGULARS 01 DIALOGUE 02 POLITICAL INTELLIGENCE 05 EDITORIAL 05 BEN SARGENT’S LOON STAR STATE 19 HIGHTOWER REPORT 20 DATELINE: CLEBURNE The Ballad of Engine 3417 by Tom Dodge 22 CRITIC’S NOTEBOOK The Power of Yes by Josh Rosenblatt 12 THE PARENT TRAP by Tori Marian Working poor Texans’ child-care dilemma 16 SOUTHWESTERN EXPANSION by Paul Christensen How some of America’s seminal photographers found their aesthetic Zen in the Southwest of the 1930s. 25 BOOK REVIEW 27 TEX IN THE CITY Lives in Extremis Fort Bend Firebrand by Anis Shivani by Robert Leietax 26 BOOK REVIEW 28 PURPLE STATE Civil Wrongs Acts of God by Cynthia Hall Clements by Bob Moser 26 POETRY 29 EYE ON TEXAS Motion Sickness by Blake Gordon by Harvey Shepard OBSERVER ONLINE Watch a video clip of a TV show addressing the plight of U.S. citizens who’ve been denied entry from Mexico, and see a slideshow of photos from the border. Read an analysis of immigration law by Mark Dow.