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111[ ECESSI, HUMAN WASTE itatryin k . tE of F11;.:UR BERALMI ALAN WOLI’E Winter Books Issue JANUARY 9, 2009 V MARGARET ATWOOD PAYIACK Dialogue 2 Editorial 4 FEATURE And His Lovely Wife . . . 30 Nadine Eckhardt dishes on life in the shadow of semi-famous men, plus: an excerpt from her forthcoming memoir. by ROBERT LELEUX PREVIEW James Drake 20. The Lubbock-born artist gets his hardcover retrospective. We take a peek between the covers. REVIEWS A Bomb Heard ’round the World 5 How an 1894 anarchist bombing in Paris kicked off the age of modern terrorism, and what we stand to learn from the bomber. by TOM PALAIMA The Pinko Princess Diaries 8 A mother looks for lessons in America’s first anthology of progressive literature for children. by JENNY BROWNE Scatology 101 12 A journalist dives into the global crap crisis and comes up smelling like a rose. by JAMES E. MCWILLIAMS Bursting Bubbles 14 Margaret Atwood sets her sights on debt, and ends up digging herself a hole. by EMILY DEPRANG Road Map to Reason 17 Alan Wolfe explores the true meanings of liberalism: past, present and future. by BOB MOSER Kinds of Blues 23 Alan Govenar’s massive new history sets the record straight with just a few of wrong notes. by JIM SHERMAN Blind Guilt 28 Former Texan David McGlynn explores faith and doubt in a new collection of stories. by STEVEN G. KELLMAN Afterword 38 What if they threw a Super Bowl for writers, and only the commentators showed up? by RUTH PENNEBAKER JANUARY 9, 2009 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 3