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a. WORK \(Pops lived in tfis warehouse on the near northside of downtown Houston; it has since been torn down and a jail built on the spot. Here ;;;;;.;;;,,,::.;: Photo By Ben Tecumseh DeSoto Si Eventually I became homeless enough o s anyone’s definition. In spite of the challenges that hornelessness presented, the chief characteristic of my experience of homelessness was tedium…. One of those days was so much like each of the others that to call any of them typical would be an understatement. Our immediate needs ‘I met with more or less trouble, but once that was done I could do no more Day after day I could aspire, within reason, o nothing more than survival. Although the planets wandered among the stars and the moon waxed >and waned, the identical naked barrenness of existence was exposed to me, day in and day out. I do not think I could write a narrative that would quite capture the unrelenting ennui of hornelessness, but if I were to write it, no one could bear to read it. Every life has trivial occurrences, pointless episodes, and unresolved mysteries, but a homeless life has these and virtually nothing else. ‘ -Lars Eighner, Travels with Lizbeth,1993 n ys rt, UNDERSTANDING POVERTY I PHOTOS BY BEN TECUMSEH DeSOTO & WORDS BY ANN WALTON SIEBER on display at DiverseWorks in Houston through November 3.