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……. , , posed pictures and convincing them that the photography game had a point other than diversion. Regardless of their approach and intentions, the backdrop of the photos had changed by spring. The complex was sold, and the new owner began refurbishing. Snarled trees were cut down. Piled brush and garbage were hauled off. The swamped parking lot was filled with new gravel. Interiors were redone. The building was painted peach, getting rid of the graffiti and giving the old apartments a bright, new image. The rent, however, went up. So much that all the residents were forced to move out to a new, affordable place, to start over. Jesse Bogan is a freelance journalist and former border reporter for the San Antonio Express-News. owners refurbished the complex, slapped on a fresh coat of peach paint and raised the rents. Everyone moved out, including the Davila fizmily. They moved to a rented trailer in downtown San Benito. Photo by Joey Davila, 12. lies lived on top of each other, but the price was right One-bedroom apartments in. the 12-unit complex rented for $250 a month, utilities included. Photo by Joey Davila, 12.