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Title Block Rough Sketch Depicting Room # A602, Camp Dublin Iraq 0137-2005-CID259-36276 C1.4 C., 7.Cell Phone 8.Cell Phone 9.Open Note Book 1.9MM Shell Casing 2.Pistol, Model: Beretta 3.Magazine, 9MM 4.Handwritten Note 5.Bullet Fragment 6.Memory Stick 3 OF 4 A diagram of the trailer where Col. Ted Westhusing’s body was found. NOT TO R orricia USE ONLY ty MiNTSENSIIIVE Case # 0137-2005-C1D259-36276 Offense: Undetermined Death Scene Portrayed: Victim’s Room Location: Camp Dublin, Iraq Victim: COL WESTHUSING, Theodore Date and Time Be an: 1455 05 Jun 05 Sketched by: S Verified by: S Thanks for telling me it was a good day until I briefed you. [Redacted name]You are only interested in your career and provide no support to your staffno msn [mission] support and you don’t care. I cannot support a msn that leads to corruption, human right abuses and liars. I am sulliedno more. I didn’t volunteer to support corrupt, money grubbing contractors, nor work for commanders only interested in themselves. I came to serve honorably and feel dishonored. I trust no Iraqi. I cannot live this way. All my love to my family, my wife and my precious children. I love you and trust you only. Death before being dishonored any more. Trust is essentialI don’t know who trust anymore. [sic] Why serve when you cannot accomplish the mission, when you no longer believe in the cause, when your every effort and breath to succeed meets with lies, lack of support, and selfishness? No more. Reevaluate yourselves, cdrs [commanders]. You are not what you think you are and I know it. COL Ted Westhusing Life needs trust. Trust is no more for me here in Iraq. Westhusing, continued from page 10 meeting he expressed his disgust with “money-grubbing contractors” and said he “had not come over to Iraq for this:’ Westhusing was slated to leave Camp Dublin after lunch. When he did not show up for a meeting, one of the contractors went looking for him. At about 1:15 in the afternoon, Westhusing was discovered in trailer 602A. Near his body was a note addressed to his commanders, Petraeus and Fil. Written in large, block letters, it read: It appears that shortly after writing the note, at about 1 p.m. Baghdad time, Westhusing took the 9 mm Beretta automatic pistol he’d been issued at Fort Benning five months earlier, placed it behind his left ear, and pulled the trigger. 20 THE TEXAS OBSERVER MARCH 9, 2007