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P.S. We’ll have the hunting dogs. Is there a pets policy? . …. …. THEE July 4, 2006 House First Lady Nadine Craddick Speaker’s Apartment The Capitol Austin, TX 78711 Dear Nadine: Don’t let the Liberal bellyaching get to you over your $1 million renovation of the Speaker’s apartment in the Capitol. My heart went out to you when I read how “woefully inadequate” your kitchen is to feed 150 House members. Knowing what it takes to feed a couple dozen ranch hands come round-up time, I figure you must be as worn as a penny on a rail. Of course you need a bigger kitchen and all the rest. It’s such a cheap shot to treat this like some lavish gift to a powerful politician when you say right here in the Midland Reporter-Telegram that this is “a gift to all Texans.” Enough said. To hell and high water with Liberals. You and Tom need to stick to your guns. By the way, Connie and the kids and I are passing through Austin in midAugust. Would it impose if we used the apartment for a couple nights? We wouldn’t disturb you or the workers and we know how to cook for ourselves. All the best to you and Tom, Bobby “Buster” Coughlin Midland, TX