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Dialogue TOM AND JACK Lou Dubose’s story about George W. Bush’s connections to Jack Abramoff \(“The Pimping of the Presidency,” nail in this corrupt administration’s coffin. But let’s hope the media doesn’t just let Scott McClellan get away with saying Bush hardly knew Abramoff. After all, the media sure didn’t ignore the overnights in the Lincoln Bedroom that Bill Clinton gave away. Doesn’t that seem like a big nothing now! Pam Walton Mountain View, CA Great work on DeLay and Abramoff. Please stay on this story in your accustomed manner. Bob Gregory Tulsa, OK EVEN MORE FAR WEST I had a good time reading Joe Nick Patoski’s article, “Far Out Far West was surprised he didn’t elaborate on Simone Swan and her house in Presidio. I am an architect from Brazil now living in San Francisco, and one of her workshops took me there this year. Great house, amazing gathering of people. Something surprising to be found in “desperate” Presidio. Cinira d’Alva Artiles San Francisco, CA I very much enjoy your magazine and in particular, Joe Nick Patoski’s article “Far Out Far West Texas.” His article was rich in cultural, environmental, and artistic relevance. It is difficult to understate the importance and relevance of West Texas. That is why I am perplexed at the omission of the town of Presidio as an important point in a discussion of the value of West Texas. Presidio is a fascinating border town, and holds amazing natural and social interests on both sides of the border. Michael Woodson Houston LOVELY AND LYRICAL CreOp sent me a copy of Geoff Rips’s article “The World According to tell him that it might be the most beautifully written and lyrical piece of prose I have ever read. I am 51, and I have read a lot. Thank you. Lauren Ross Austin OPEN FORUM Katherine Jashinski, in her Letter from asserts that “Violence only begets more violence.” Is the rapist turned off by the abject passivity of his intended tiate which of her orifices she should offer? The reasoned, educated passiv -continued on page 19 .4.10010111000111001100.100mallifo- JANUARY 27, 2006 TheTexas Observer FEATURES THIN REED 6 Will Abramoff’s Deep Throat Swallow God’s Mouthpiece by Andrew Wheat DEPARTMENTS DIALOGUE 2 EDITORIAL 3 False Claims POLITICAL INTELLIGENCE 4 OPEN FORUM 12 Impeach or Indict Bush and Cheney by Ronnie Dugger MOLLY IVINS 14 Wanted: A No -Wuss Zone JIM HIGHTOWER 15 Our Lying President BOOKS & CULTURE CONSPICUOUS LITTLE 20 CONSUMERS by Kelly Sharp POETRY 21 by Pamela Porter SWEET SCHOLARLY REVENGE 22 by Char Miller ROGER SHATTUCK IN AUSTIN 26 by Dick Holland AFTERWORD 29 The Texas of My Mind by Roger Shattuck Cover illustration by Mike Krone 2 THE TEXAS OBSERVER JANUARY 27, 2006