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RIO GRANDE Edited and with a text by Jan Reid ANIMALERIE By Jayne Hinds Bidaut Essay by John Wood N I E Animalerie presents 90 photographs from American photographer Jayne Hinds Bidaut’s series documenting what she witnessed in pet shops throughout Europe and North America. Accompanying the images is an essay by prize-winning poet and photographic historian John Wood, who provides a critical appreciation of Bidaut’s work, probing the nexus between art and political statement that gives the images in Animalerie both poetry and potency. Wittliff Gallery of Southwestern and Mexican Photography, Texas State University at San Marcos Hill Wittliff, Series EditorConnie Todd, Volume Editor 90 color plates, $60.00 cloth Acclaimed writers and photographers, including Larry McMurtry, Tony Hillerman, John Nichols, Russell Lee, Laura Gilpin, and Bill Wittliff, create a sweeping historical panorama of one of America’s most storied rivers. Their voices and visions confirm the river’s significance, not only as a real place, but as an object of the mythic imagination. 50 duotorte photo s , $29.95 cloth AP% NIC7C0t , AlttRAY’S coLI.Ecrtox Or TWENTIETISCttrifttY MEXICAN ISBT GUIDE TEXAS THE COVARRUBIAS CIRCLE i13017 El/13A AS, Oens.a…1 ART GUIDE TEXAS Museums, Art Centers, Alternative Spaces, and Nonprofit Galleries By Rebecca S. Cohen “Simply phrased: This is the most important guide to the art treasures of Texas. This book is essential for serious tourists and a basic reference for all Texans. It should be placed right alongside the Yellow Pages and the Gideon Bible in every Texas hotel.” Peter C. Marzio, Director,Museum of Fine Arts, Houston This is the only guide devoted exclusively to the visual arts venues of Texas.The book is organized by region to feature the more than one hundred museums and galleries located within the state. Individual entries of the institution, and significant architectural details about the building. Black-and-white photographs accompany many of the entries, as well as notable quotes on art and architecture. $24.95 paper THE COVARRUBIAS CIRCLE Nickolas Muray’s Collection of Twentieth-Century Mexican Art Kurt Heinzelman, General Editor This volume takes a new look at Mexican modernism through the works of Covarrubias and his circle of fellow artistsFrida Kahio, Rufino Tamayo,Juan Soriano, Fernando Castillo, Guillermo Meza, Roberto Montenegro, and Rafael Navarro. Produced in conjunction with the Ransom Center’s Exhibition, “Miguel Covarrubias:A Certain Clairvoyance,” this book contains color plates of virtually all the items in Nikolas Muray’s collection of twentieth-century Mexican art. Harry Ranson Humanities Research Center imprint Series 90 99w illus., 99 color plates, $34.95 cloth 404P00,14* tam ‘orAripar’1311 .1.*esisi LONG DARK ROAD Bill King and Murder in Jasper, Texas By Ricardo C. Ainslie Photographs by Sarah Wilson “Ricardo Ainslie is that rare writer; a scholar who is also a riveting storyteller. Long Dark Road is a deep, haunting, and impressively researched book that deserves a wide readership.” Dan Rather, CBS News $2.4.95 cloth PLEASE PASS THE BISCUITS, PAPPY Pictures of Governor W. Lee “Pappy” O’Daniel By Bill Crawford Introduction by John Anderson A photo album of one of America’s first celebrities to cross the line from entertainment to political office, this volume captures the essence of the businessman and radio personality who became both governor of Texas and a senator. Setting the photographs in context are Bill Crawford’s entertaining text on the political landscape in the 1930s and John Anderson’s discussion of the work of Joel Tisdale and the other DPS photographers who left this extraordinary record of the greatest vote-getter in Texas history. Clifton and Shirley Caldwell Texas Heritage Series $29.95 cloth 24 THE TEXAS OBSERVER .11/19/04