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OCTOBER 22, 2004 Texas Observer FEATURES STORMING THE HILL 4 Can Arlene Wohlgemuth and the Religious Right topple Congressman Chet Edwards? by Dave Mann RIGHT ON THE EDGE 10 Interview with Paul Krugman by Barbara Belejack iii 11\\:1t Ii 1 DIALOGUE 2 EDITORIAL 3 Takin’ America Back DATELINE 8 Just Say Vo by Jake Bernstein POLITICAL INTELLIGENCE ANDREW WHEAT Indictment Heat Hits the Lobby MOLLY IVINS Wisunderestimating’ the Public REMEMBER THE DATE! Do your holiday shopping at The Texas Observer’s 50th Anniversary Gala Warm-up & Silent Auction Friday, December 3, 2004 at The Old School, 1604 E. 11th St. in Austin Here’s a sneak preview of the many tempting gifts, goods, and services that will be on display *Celebrity-autographed acoustic guitar **Weekend for five at Seven Bluffs Cabins on the Frio River *Lunches with Jim Hightower, Molly lvins, and Sarah Weddington *Luxury accommodations at The Four SeasonsAustin *Gift baskets of Texas music, Texas, wine, Texas Books *Beautiful jewelry, fine art, and gift certificates for fine dining and more! DIALOGUE CAVEAT VOTER The middle and working classes have been pounded by body blows from the Bush administration ever since Bush took office. For example, 1.2 million jobs have been lost from outsourcing and related factors under Bush. The working classes and retirees are similarly battered by the drug makers. The -White House and Congress refuse to let the government negotiate drug prices the way Canada does. Elsewhere, 6 million will lose overtime pay under the new Department of Labor regulations. Meanwhile, 3.8 million people have become uninsured under Bush, and 2.7 million retirees will lose employer-paid drug coverage under the new Medicare bill. Another 9 million will see their employer-paid drug coverage cut. Bush recently slashed corporate taxes by another 170 billion and 60 percent of corporations don’t pay any income taxes at all. If working men and women vote for Bush in November, they will deserve every body blow they get. Bill Turnbull Hurst MERITORIOUS CARROT As the carrot-costumed candidate referred to in your September 24 article about the Republican National Convenwould like to officially announce that I am Chris P. Carrot, and I am running for president of the United States: I am the carrot with merit, the candiI want to get to the root of America’s problems! My message is this: By switching to a healthy and humane vegan diet, Americans will not only live longer, look better, and enjoy lower health-care costs, they will also reduce the level of violence in this world. Currently, 10 billion animalsanimals that feel pain and fear just like cats and dogsare mercilessly slaughtered each year simply to quench our unhealthy appetite for flesh. Please visit to learn more about this campaign. Amanda Shannahan Vancouver, WA JIM HIGHTOWER Walking with Autocrats LAS AMERICAS The Cross-Border Electoral Boogie by John Ross BOOKS & THE CULTURE POETRY by Andy Gambell SELF MADE WOMAN by Carrie Fountain TODO POR PODER by Barbara Belejack AFTERWORD Falling From Grace in Texas by Rick Bass Cover photos by 2 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 10/22/04 15 16 21 22 24 28