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DOWN AFTERWORD BUSHWORD PUZZLE ACROSS 1. Punishment Malaysia imposes on toxicwaste polluters 7.Former president who looks like the Jolly Green Giant compared to George W 8.Appropriate emotional response to George W’s enviro policies 9.What causes more pollution than automobiles, according to Ronald Reagan 10.Appropriate shape for mountaintops, according to coal industry 12.What Rush Limbaugh calls the ozone hole 13. Mountain dumping place for atomic waste, 90 miles from Las Vegas 15.Per LBJ, one of the three ingredients necessary for life on Earth 17.Men’s undergarments, or what George W calls reading 18. Ingredient Henry Ford used in making his suits and cars 2. Heroic early settler or someone who buys favors from the Bush administration 3.Bush solution for global warming: “Get an 4. Forest: name of software U.S. Forest Service uses to hide logger clearcutting in national forests 5.What one feels as so many environmental protections are eliminated 6. Word Bushites chanted to make carbon dioxide magically disappear as a pollutant 9. Secret ingredient inside your Dell computer 11.What we will all be without the ozone layer 14.Winged creatures that keep getting in the way of navy bombing 16.Polluters are running in Washington Answers will be published in our next issue. The Bushword puzzle appears in Jim Hightower’s new book, Let’s Stop Beating Around the Bush and is reprinted here with permission. 7/30/04 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 31