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P.O.Box 2116 Austin, Texas 78768-2116 it Ruin Naga Enjoy our organic, in house roasted coffee. Watch the kids play as you catch up with a friend. Listen to local musicians and relax with a beer or wine. Come see our new space. 3601 S. Congress off E. Alpine Penn Field under the water tower check our site for monthly calendar International Headquarters Dialogue, continued from page 2 Bush’s buddies at Enron stealing billions from California that caused our debt, we elect an Enron-connected Republicanit’s laughable. We deserve what is to come. Americans likewise deserve the corporate shills that stole the White House in 2000. Republicans stopped the vote count, while we the people, and the pink-tutu Democrat politicians just sat there staring, as if it were someone else’s democratic process being hijacked. Therefore we deserve the multi-trillion dollar debt these oil-drenched, unelected usurpers have gleefully loaded on our backs. We deserve the worldwide disdain for their oil war. We deserve the “Patriot” Act. We accept and therefore deserve corrupt, paperless touch-screen voting machines that will make 2004 a foregone conclusion. Vigilance is the price of freedom, and we are no longer willing to pay. Our nation’s vigilance and desire for truth has been systematically vaporized by the cunning of the corporate media giantsRepublican-owned Fox, Republican owned Clear Channel, and a man who is paid 1/3 billion dollars to keep us voting RepublicanRush Limbaugh. We deserve him too, because even with the bottomless depths of his hypocrisy now exposed, his followers continue to listen, and believe every lie that oozes from his brain. We soak up their corporate poison like addicts. We deserve you, Rush.We deserve you, George.We deserve you, Arnold. David Singelyn Warner Springs, CA WE HAVE TO WIN I began reading Jake Bernstein’s article \(“Busting Labels: An unlikely leftright coalition almost defeats Prop. found myself becoming more and more resentful. Progressives seem to believe that finishing a close second is somehow a victory. This is a problem not only here in Texas but around the country. Since when has almost been good enough? The corporate funded right wing in this state had one agenda: to win. It didn’t matter if it was by one vote or 100 million votes. And they win! A few more “almosts” like Prop.12 did! Until progressives realize that and we won’t have any more “anyto stop this insane, so-called mores.” conservative onslaught, we cannot Eric Lane feel proud of “almosts.” We have to San Antonio 10/24/03 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 19