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Texas on Texas SCHOOL CHOICE TRADEOFFS REMEMBERING TIIE ALAMO II.: 11,1″ TUE ART 4110 AM.141flf inT ,, -111C Tsx .111siorc , JL 1E1 AL “*. LAST BATTLE CIVIL WAR PAI.mET -ro RANCH Tejano South Texas A Mexican American Cultural Province By Daniel D. Arreola This cultural geography charts the many ways in which Texans of Mexican ancestry have established a cultural province on the plains between the San Antonio River and the Rio Grande that is unlike any other Mexican American region. Jack and Doris Smothers Series in Texas History, Life, and Culture $22.95 paper, $55.00 cloth Remembering the Alamo Memory, Modernity, and the Master Symbol By Richard R. Flores Flores examines how the Alamo’s transformation into an American cultural icon helped to shape social, economic, and political relations between Anglo and Mexican Texans from the late nineteenth to the midtwentieth centuries. Center for Mexican American Studies History, Culture, and Society Series $17.95 paper, $40.00 cloth The Art and Architecture of the Texas Missions By Jacinto Quirarte Using church records and other historical accounts, as well as old photographs, drawings, and paintings, Quirarte reconstructs and describes the original art and architecture of the six remaining Spanish missions. Jack and Doris Smothers Series in Texas History, Life, and Culture $60.00 cloth A revised edition of Pioneer Texas Buildings Geometry in Architecture Texas Buildings Yesterday and Today By Clovis Heimsath Foreword to original edition by Louis I. Kahn Original edition photography by Maryann Heimsath Revised edition photography coordinated by Lisa Hardaway Juxtaposing historic Texas structures with works by contemporary architects who are inspired by the pioneer tradition, this book shows how seamlessly the basic geometries used in architecture translate from one era to another, producing timeless architectural designs. $49.95 cloth 1e UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS PRESS 800-252-3206 Browse our complete Texana catalog online at www.utexas.edulutpress/ subjects/tex.html School Choice_Tradeoffs Liberty,Equity, and Diversity By R. Kenneth Godwin and Frank R. Kemerer ‘This is probably the best overview and appraisal of the school choice issue yet written. . . . The authors’] treatment comes off as objective and thorough, one that readers can,have confidence in and learn from.” Terry M. Moe, Professor of Political Science and Senior Fellow of the Hoover Institution, Stanford University $29.95 cloth Imagining Texas Pre-Revolutionary Texas Newspapers, 1829-1836 By Carol Lea Clark Contained in early newspapers are the images that continue to define our perception of Texas. Clark delves into how the early settlers and the publishers of the papers “wrote Texas” into existence. Southwestern Studies Series Distributed for Texas Western Press $18.00 paper Newly reissued The Brave Bulls A Novel by Tom Lea With a new foreword by John Graves This is bullfighting from the inside, the way it looks to the people who make it a profession, and not even Ernest Hemingway at his best has ever done a better job of getting the whole thing on paper” New York Times Book Review Southwestern Writers Collection Series, Southwest Texas State University, Edited by Connie Todd $16.95 paper The Civil War in West Texas and New Mexico The Lost Letterbook of Brigadier General Henry Hopkins Sibley Edited by John R Wilson and Jerry Thompson This collection of 147 letters, only eight of which were published in the Official Records, provides new details of General Sibley’s grandiose and ill-fated dreams for a Confederate empire in the Southwest. Southwestern Studies Series Distributed for Texas Western Press $18.50 paper The Last Battle of the Civil War Palmetto Ranch By Jeffrey Wm Hunt Hunt draws on previously unstudied letters and court martial records to offer a full and accurate account of which resulted in a surprising Confederate victory more than a month after Robert E. Lee’s surrender in Virginia. Clifton and Shirley Caldwell Texas Heritage Series $22.95 paper, $60.00 cloth