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Ann Kitchen paign in 1979 and 1980, alongside future Bush guru Karl Rove. More recently, she’s been a strong supporter of Republican Congressmen Henry Bonilla and Lamar Smith. She says she first started thinking of running for office a year and a half ago. “I thought my standards of practice would be more in keeping with good business practices,” compared to those of her predecessor. Most Likely To Be Stuffed In A Trash Can: Trey MarD-They’re 30 and 29, they each have masters’ degrees from East Coast universities, and their politics are to the left of all those older white bullies with bad haircuts who roam the Capitol corridors. So if they’re not careful, they could end up chilling in those large grey barrels inside the Capitol Grill dining room. If we’re lucky, though, they’ll write some bills while they’re there. Fischer went to the same high school as former Attorney General Dan MoralesHolmes High School, where both served as class presidentsand worked in the AG’s office both as an undergraduate and as a law student at U.T. \(He also has a Masters in “General Morales inspired me on a personal level,” he says, “though I’m more progressive than he is on policy views.” Villareal won the seat vacated by Leticia Van de Putte when she founded a San Antonio company that builds voter databases for po Jack Anderson litical campaigns. Before that he attended Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, worked as a researcher for Alan Greenspan, and then worked for a San Francisco consulting firm. To kick off his campaign, “I conducted a listening survey, way before Hillary started hers,” says Villareal. He sent out questionnaires to everyone in his district, asking his future constituents what was needed in their communities. Education and jobs topped the list of responses, he says. “My agenda is an economic development agenda, but I believe that means investing in people, in child care and higher education,” he says. These two are also the House’s most eligible bachelors \(with The Rich Guy With The Nicest Car: Charlie Geren \(RWhen former Rep. Sue Palmer decided not to run for reelection \(maybe so she could devote more time to her comapparent, she served as his campaign treasurer and kicked in $5,000 to boot. Palmer wasn’t the only well-connected person to help out. Geren, who owns the two Railhead Smokehouse barbecue restaurants in Fort Worth and Colleyville and also is vice president of a real estate company, has all the right friends. His list of $500 and $1,000 contributors includes the wealthy Bass brothers, Ross Perot, grocery magnate Charles Butt, and Dallas Olympics booster Tom Luce. \(W.A. Moncrief III, son of Fort Worth’s irasci JANUARY 19, 2001 THE TEXAS OBSERVER n 9