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“When a nation’s young men are conservative, its funeral bell is already rung.” Henry Ward Beecher The left/liberal/ progressive political magazine for Bryan/College Station A Journal of Opinion, Comment, and Investigation P.O. Box 2711 College Station, TX 77841-2711 Email: [email protected] touchstone/ JANUARY 21, 2000 THE TEXAS OBSERVER 21 RICK RIORDAN EDGAR AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR OF THE WIDOWER S TWO STEP 4 ig Tequila = The Widower’s, Tir o` F= Available wherever books are sold’: ..Www.bahtarmcom “Kissinger,” from page 12 was privately vowing, “I’m going to fire the son of a bitch.” Of course, Kissinger denied having these self-serving chats , with the press. On one occasion he denied having talked to New York Times columnist James Reston, and when he was proved to be lying, he responded in a typically Kissingerish way, “Yes, but that was only on the telephone.” Such is Kissinger’ s reputation for deviousness and duplicity of the most elaborate sort that some who have observed him over the years actually believe that he helped destroy Nixon in order to achieve one of his own treasured foreign policy objectives in the Middle East the supremacy of Israel. Kissinger opposed any peace plan that in Nixon who had armed Israel to the teeth in his first term in his second term wanted to force Israel to make peace with own Middle East agenda differed sharply from Nixon’s, helped drive the President from office by secretly stoking the fires of the Watergate scandal. A realistic plot? Some Arab leaders thought so. Richard H. Curtiss, a foreign service official for three decades who has written extensively about the Israeli-Arab conflict, lets the question hang, with this conclusion: “Whatever the truth of the matter, it is clear that Nixon suspected his fall was connected to Jewish or pro-Jewish insiders seeking to thwart his Middle East peace plans. Kissinger notes in his memoirs that Nixon’s last order before his resignation in 1974 enjoined his secretary of state [Kissinger] for a complete cutoff of U.S. aid for Israel…. Kissinger put the Nixon memorandum aside and did nothing about it during the two more years he remained as secretary of state under President Gerald Ford.” Robert Sherrill’s last piece for the Observer was an essay on Larry L. King. He keeps his wry eye on things political from Florida.