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Noam Chomsky has done it again! The New Military Humanism Lessons from Kosovo Available Now In a war waged with Orwellian logic, what did we lose? 208 pages Get 25% off the retail price AND get your copy shipped hot off the presses When you order directly from Common Courage Press h. \( 1111i I it 11 \( ,\( 11.:I!’C -800-4\(207 Ix Nv Nv.k-ommoncourageprcss.con, Th e T exa s O b serve r 307 W. 7th St . Austi n , TX 78701 \(512-0746 Will he reach his high aspirations? Or will he ,just blow it? Read about it in the Observer. I want to subscribe to The Texas Observer Check enclosed _ Bill me City/State/Zip Where did you find this issue of the Observer? B OOKS & THE CULTURE fully comprehensible works that may be “ecotropic.” Or may not. There are readable works here on a variety of topics, with a good measure of decent poetry to boot. Environmental activists will eat this up and as a book to browse, this one will serve the general reader nicely. But don’t expect to come away with a thor ough understanding of what comprises ecotropic works. Austin Writer Mark Smith recently relocated to southern California, where he awaits the vibrations of The Big One. Ecotropic Works can be ordered from The Open Theatre / Ecotropic Works, P.O. Box 12336, Berkeley, CA 94709. “Alamo,” from page 26 De Zavala does not mention this portion of the Alamo’s history, or even attempt to defend her own reputation. It is unlikely that the story was as starkly one of class struggle as Zesch would have us believe. More likely, it was one of race, as he occasionally mentions, and, most clearly, one of political intrigue and back-room shenanigans \(in both the parts of the story that can only be unco -v ered with more careful research and a sensitivity to the times and persons involved. De Zavala’s unlikely actions are proof that truth can be stranger, and more entertaining, than fiction. In trying so hard to flesh out the story, Zesch robs it of its realness, its improbability, its wonder, and, ultimately, its soul. Former Observer staffmember Jeff Mandell was once escorted from the Alamo for questioning the authenticity of a sacred hearing range of a Daughter of the Republic. He has since gone into exile in.Wa.thington, D.C. 28 THE TEXAS OBSERVER -1001.1011111111111111110101111.11MW illi111111111011101111111111N101111111 OCTOBER 15, 1999 4morraisaargrimeillriermsimiiiimemwommornirwaswarwaisusweil