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THE BACK PAGE Don’t Mess With Roofing Tiles! BY JORGE W. ARBUSTO Editor’s note: In light of Governor Bush’s well-known commitments to “cutting edge” technology and electoral diversity, The Back Page attempted a small experiment: what would the Governor’s 1999 State of the State speech sound like, were it translated by computer into Spanish, and then back into English? An excerpt of the results follows. We believe the Governor’s speech now has the rhetorical purity produced by an intensive study of phonics but we leave it to our readers to judge if the experiment has been a success. Readers should note that through this remarkable process, “Texas” becomes “Tejas” becomes “Roofing Tiles.” Similar linguistic improvements abound. We began this session with a national projector in us. They have asked to me about him. They have asked to him about him. You did not request he but she is here anyway. And we can any vision he like distraction, or take hold it as opportunity to show the world what limited and constructive government seems. Here in the secondly greater state of the nation eleventh greater economy of the world we satisfy by only 140 days only once every two years. And we found a the job done, because the limited government works. The limited government brings the center. He requires to us to put to a side posturing and policy and to find the Earth common. We differed sometimes, but so in agreement. We know that we served Texans more better possible when we worked together in an alcohol of the cooperation and the respect, when we looked for the common Earth based on the values of Roofing Tiles of the limited government, of the local air-traffic control, strong families, and the personal responsibility…. The national projector gives an occasion to show us how the well limited government works. And together, we can show Washington how to handle an excess of budget. We have an excess because we have been good administrators of the dollars of the tax. You know that the taxes come from the sweat and the work of men and women with the accounts to the payment and the mortgages to the meeting…. Tomorrow, I will put under a budget that is balanced and limits the growth of the government. It reflects my two important priorities: children of school and contributors. I will propose the reductions of taxes of sales of the consumer to eliminate taxes on the diapers, medicines to over-thecounter, and the access to the Internet. I propose a reduction of taxes of small-business to provide to the relevacion the small industrialists who are the spine of the economy of our state. I propose a credit of tax of the investigation and development to foment the innovation and to keep Roofing Tiles in the main edge from the new technology…. If we do not give the priority to the public education, if we cannot cut territorial contributions, the part of the state to happen in schools will decline dramatically. More and districtos they will become districtos of Robin Hood and our system of the finances of the school will be unbalanced, unjust and in last inconstitucional instance. My plan makes our state schools our number a priority. And I ahead watch to work with you to pass truth in the legislation of the taxes so that when we cut taxes, we make sure that they remain loW…. The next months are the last time that this great body will solve during this century. We to have one opportunity to raise challenge and to continue to make this state secondly no one place that to be opened, to be educated and to unite in our diversity. Opened, so each citizen knows with certainty so that the dream of Roofing Tiles is available he or she. Educated, so each boy occurs the key to make that dream. And united in our diversity, so each Texan can find the Earth common of the values of Roofing Tiles that are greater than the race or party. I am optimist that we will be successful. The history has shown that the things that to us fixed separated individually never have been a emparejamiento for a thing that unites to us collectively: We are all first and first Texans. We shared history, we shared the tradition, we shared values and we shared a shining future. We are 125 more to go. The projector is in us. Let us show the best one to them of Roofing Tiles! For more Observing, visit the Texas Observer website at