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0 aMa.0…` BOOKS & THE CULTURE The Sex Pistols Reload BY BRAD TYER 9 Vi 101.1 rate and woP der time o>4 , my ‘te t-s and he doing. Which ge, which resulted in the LP being snapped in half. Just from looking at the cover of the thing. I wanted to tell him he should listen to the music before passing judgment, but even then I knew enough to guess that wouldn’t help. All I really knew then was all I really needed to knowthat The Sex Pistols had the power to piss off my parents. It was fast, it was nasty, it was artsy, it was foreign, and I liked it just fine. Never Mind the Bollocks was my introduction to musical subversion and to the entire line of punk rock and postpunk alternative bands that’s engrossed or amused me since. And the Pistols had about them even then the aura of original myth, since by the time I started to see what was going on it was already a done deal. They proclaimed, however cynically, an al giance to destruction, and they ha stroyed themselves, never again t the myth with realitythe per z. ;A. Later on I learned the criti t the Sex Pistols destr ey didn’t destroy , satisfying mi do, for me der roc a g :7.79,71g1, eagaa07 .4apia,,, was a strange sense ment, of pleasurable rived at a gutted Houstonnot so to San Antonio’ Pistols played 1978with sold-out thro never-sho Agai producing \(“Punk? Matlocie mer Paul C Lydon’s sweaty yellow silky shirt tha paunch. Cook and Jones mous as could be, and e eat. ocals ion” of wly for words to that looks g, bloody y beyond the once invited spit eatened the first ottle on stage and bewith “I’m getting paid to at’s your flicking excuse?” Of as complaining about the heat. Lydon could not have been une of the psychic parallels with the ated Elvis when near the show’s end, he took to slinging his sweat-soaked towels out into the audience. band that chants no “No Future” on a re eighteen years after the fact invites the end, it was just one more uthing off about it knew I wnsend, who fa N WC 1 o t old, has 1.4ar Y years. is that tome or ‘th long ed. And pent conironies \(I entitin the tour t ish left standing x Pistols, the urn had made now, with one e for punk. o \\&i , t\\ ,,,ost-punk alternative s of Houston. can’t remember when it was ex actlysometime after junior high but before the graduation slide. Say 1984 for a ballpark estimate; eady way too late :Pw tols fti *WA ra e end-consume of clination for checking bought my copy because had previously turn and The Kinks, I didn’t quences I g h Pu thro bina liked album black sp cilling the father’s car walked over t sent him into a t Yo Amen y Rotten” ; Lydonpf r oll questions up front that the mo simple: money. So when the tour final ‘,`$ we Matlock . Lyd 4Vhat e and it WO. ,:s,.,. altgnati sensib ! tted rasp oft, les”, ‘t want .,, at. ,.: :screaming, still sound. 30 THE TEXAS OBSERVER