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George W. Bush ANGELA HARDIN armed robbery. Miraculously, she lived, but life will never be the same for that family. In the course of our conversation, she and her husband asked if they could help my campaign. I told them they already had. I will never forget her face, their story, and that family’s courage. There is no price high enough to make certain that this never happens to another Texas family. One thing we must do to clarify the risks of crime is stop the endless legal delays for death row inmates. I will propose legislation to limit death row inmate appeals. Those condemned to death will get one bite at the apple. In order to effectively administer justice, Texas must have prison space for those convicted of crime. We must be smart about it. I ask you, does it make sense to have a federal court order running our prison system? I will put Texas back in charge of our prisons by challenging the Ruiz settlement. If tents and temporary barracks are good enough for the fighting men and women in our military, they are more than good enough for criminals. In order to have an effective criminal justice system, we must send an effective tough-love message to our children. It is difficult to do that now. We operate under a juvenile justice system that’s out of date. Governor Richards has done nothing to reform it. I want to change it. I will hold young thugs responsible for what they do. I’ll stiffen penalties for juveniles committing crimes, especially gangs. I’ll build the beds and detention centers needed for juvenile offenders. I’ll lower the age at which violent youngsters can be tried as adults. We must take these tough steps to save a generation of children and get the message back to the neighborhoods that we are serious; we will win the war on crime by holding every Texan accountable for their behavior. I have many differences with the current Governor about the issues. I also have differences with her over philosophy. She’s a liberal. I’m a conservative. Ann Richards believes in more and bigger government. She’s added 26,000 new employees to the state payroll. Governors don’t create the kind of jobs I am talking about. Governors and governments create environments in which entrepreneurs and small business people risk capital and create good, privatesector jobs. In order to encourage job creation, Texas must end junk lawsuits that clog our courts. I will fight to end frivolous lawsuits and stop lawsuit abuse. The battle lines are clear: My campaign will be funded by working people, small business people, entrepreneurs and risk takers. Her campaign is mainly funded by the New Rich of Texas, wealthy personal injury lawyers. I believe in open and honest government. All elected and appointed officials must be open and honest. Everywhere I .go I hear what my mother told me when I first got in the race: She voted for the lottery because she thought all the money would go for education of Texas children and the fact it doesn’t rinakes her madder than heck. Thousands of Texans feel misled, just like Barbara Bush. All government must be open and honest. I believe in one standard for public service and that’s excellence. That will be my criterion for my appointments. Texans feel differently about Governor Richards’ appointments. Texans have had a chance to vote on two of her high-profile appointments, Lena Guerrero and Bob Krueger. You know the results. The good news is, come November, Texans will have the opportunity to vote on the rest of her appointments. Ann Richards is comfortable with the status quo. I’m not. If Texans want someone to tinker around the edges, I’m not the right person. My campaign is about change constructive, dramatic, positive change to save a generation from crime and dependency, to prepare our children for the future, and to restore our state to greatness. My dreamour dreamis a state where all government policy is based on the principle that families are the backbone of our state. My dreamour dreamis less government and a thriving, growing economy where every Texan who wants to work has a job. My dream is that all our children get an excellent education so they may reach their greatest potential. My dream is that government stops wasting our greatest resources our peopleby dooming many to a life of dependency. My dreamour dreamis that all people understand the risks of committing a crime outweigh its rewards. My mission is to convert these dreams into realities, not to accept the status quo but to insist on constructive change. I am honored you chose me as your candidate for Governor. I’ll do my part to bring us victory, but I need your help. We must campaign in every neighborhood, from the barrios to the Fifth Ward. We must carry our message of hope and optimism to every home, every neighborhood, every community, every Texan. Some people are confronted by challenges and problems and shrink from them. I’m not that kind of person. I’m invigorated by the tough road we face, both in this campaign and in our efforts to set Texas right. I can clearly see the problems which Texas faces, but I can also see the solutions. I know where I want to lead Texas and I am focused on achieving that dream. As sure as I am standing here, I know we’re going to win. Will you help me? What we seek together, we can achieve together because what Texans can dream, Texans can do. Thank you and God bless Texas. THE TEXAS OBSERVER 7