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HOME STUDY COURSE in economics, a 10lesson study that will throw light on today’s baffling problems. Tuition free small charge for materials. Write: Henry George Institute, 121 E. 30th St., New York, NY 10016. LONE STAR SOCIALIST, free sample: P.O. Box 2640-T, Austin, Texas 78768. MERCHANDISE BOOKLETS PROOF JESUS FICTIONAL! $5 Abelard, Box 5652-C, Kent, WA 98064 \(Details: SERVICES LOW-COST MICROCOMPUTER ASSISTANCE. Tape to diskette conversion, statistical analysis, help with setting up special projects, custom programming, needs assessment. Gary Austin, Texas 78703. PHOTOGRAPHY Reality is us. 20 years for the Texas Observer and he will take a few for you. Alan Pogue, 1701 Guadalupe, Austin, real democratic organization where the rank-and-file have control of their own destiny,” he said. Under the current system, he said, “big money” controls” both the Democratic and Republican parties. “A candidate comes up with bucks, decides to run and it’s a very self-selecting process. You see the money that flows in and it’s the same corporate types. There are differences of nuance, and there are some good people, but certainly not the majority, nor will they be the majority,” he said. “But if we had a force that could really shape the agenda, maybe both parties would respond to that.” OCAW has 115,000 members, out of approximately 18 million members of organized labor in the United States. “It’s a constituency to organize from, but organizing them is a formidable task,” Mazzochi admitted. One of the Texas Labor Party Advocates is Glenn Erwin, president of OCAW local 4-449, found that he was typecast as a labor candidate anyway when he ran a 1990 campaign for mayor of Texas City, where the local is based. Erwin, a novice in city politics, lost the race to a banker who had been a city commissioner. But the experience convinced him that labor can and should make a difference in politics. “I haven’t left the Democratic Party, but the Labor Party needs to bring forth the bread-and-butter issues and address mainstream issues like health care,” he said. “All we try to do is represent people against multi-national corporations … The bosses have two parties it’s time we have one.” Three Decades of JFK Observed A compilation of more than 90 pages of articles first published in the Texas Observer on President John Kennedy and his assassination. Send $12 to Texas Observer, 307 W. 7th St., Austin 78701. Oil Policy Continued from page 11 ucts, to increase their profits at the expense of their own branded lessee dealers and gasoline consumers. Pushing Saudi Arabia into an aggressive “price war” that triggered the most convulsive shock to the world oil market since the so-called “Arab Oil Embargo” of 1973, the Reagan-Bush administration propelled substantial long-term changes in the domestic and international oil industry and directly aided the western industrialized nations in their goal of achieving a 30% reduction in oil prices \(even more if you count the dollar devaluation brought about by U.S. and Domestically, the big drop in oil prices drove from the marketplace hundreds, if not thousands, of domestic crude oil producers; it forced the shutting in or abandonment of stripper wells whose prolost production that was replaced by Aramco and other imports from Saudi Arabia. The price crash also triggered a collapse of the domestic banking industry, especially in Texas, and was a major contributor to undermining the state’s economy, a blow from which it is still recovering. Saudi officials have denied that political considerations played a role in their oil production decisions, but President Bush stands ready to benefit once again from a grateful and generous King Fand, who recently told the New York Times that “A man of this caliber deserves to head the United States another time.” Some domestic oil producers may view this endorsement with some wellfounded suspicion. CLASSIFIED ORGANIZATIONS LAYMEN & LEGAL PROFESSIONALS interested in forming a citizens group to promote fundamental reform of our archaic, chaotic and corrupt JUDICIAL SYSTEM, write: G. D. McLendon, 110 Kickapoo St., Jacksonville, Texas 75766. LESBIAN/GAY DEMOCRATS of Texas Our Voice in the Party. Membership $15, P.O. Box 190933, Dallas, 75219. SICK OF KILLING? Join the Amnesty Inter national Campaign Against the Death WORK FOR OPEN, responsible government in Texas. Join Common Cause/Texas, 316 West 12th #317, Austin, Texas 78701 TEXAS TENANTS’ UNION. 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MARY NELL MATHIS, CPA, 18 years experience in tax, litigation support, and other analyses. 400 West 15th, #304, Austin, YELLOW DREAM MACHINE, computer bulletin board system. Telephone 473-2702. Disability -based subject matter. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING. Design, expert witness, forensic investigation, product liability, electrical injury, electrical fires. W.T. Cronenwett, Ph.D, 2566 Cypress Avenue, Norman, Oklahoma 73072, EMPLOYMENT POSTAL JOBS Start $11.41/hr. For exam and application information call 8 p.m. 7 days. THE BORDER LABOR LAW CENTER of El Paso, Texas, seeks attorney for impact litigation and community outreach to garment workers \(La Mujer Experience in labor or poverty law preferred. Fluency in Spanish required. Send resume to P.O. Box 10454, El Paso, Texas 79995. 14 FEBRUARY 14, 1992