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Fields: Well, maybe I wouldn’t go out and say I’m a Nazi, you know, Hitler, National Socialismbut I’d never deny it. I’d never deny it. It’s like a Christianyou know. When Christianity first started they were feeding them to the lions. They still wore their crosses. They went to their deaths, but they never gave up. It’s like a faith. . It’s not just politics. It’s a religion Well, I try to avoidit You have to feel it in your soul I wheedle out of it because I’m a pragmatist. You’re welcome to keep that, by the way. I’ve seen this before. First of all, let me say what this was. This was a late-night conversation, and this man was very radical, and this was out of context as well. I was tryin’ to move him over to a more moderate position. And when you talk to someone who is very radical and you’re trying to miti,gate, to move him over, you don’t say to someone, “You’re full of crap,” you say, “Well, yeah, yeah,” and that’s all that was all about, just saying, calm down, that’s all it was about. Dugger: Okay. The second one. The Second Excerpt Shown to Duke Duke: What did Hitler want to do with the Jews?… Fields: ….No seriously, they actually do deserve everything they got. And if it was extermination, they would have deserved it …They’re a pest. You know, when your house is rotting, you havelstermites, you get rid of the pests. . Duke: Well, as I saypeople generally deserve what they push on other people. I think-they’re trying to exterminate our race. I think probably in a moral sense, the Jewish people have been a blight. I mean as a whole, not every Jew. And they probably deserve to go into the ashbin of history. nut, saying that and actually shooting or killing people in masses are two different things. I’m not advocating some sort of extermination. I think the best thing is to resettle them some place where they can’t exploit others. And I don’t think they can live among themselves. I really don’t. I think their numbers will dwindle rapidly and they’ll have a great deal of problems. Fields: A parasite can’t live unless it’s attached to a host. Duke: And also, the answer to all these things, I don’t think, is forced anything forcing the Jews to get out…. Duke: Yeah, I’ve seen this before. And that’s kinda the same thing I was talkin’ about, too. The guy was very radical and I was trying to say to him, you know, don’t be so radical, don’t be soAnd here it says very clearly I don’t advocate extermination, it says very clearly I don’t think you should force people to do anything Dugger: It does. Duke: And that was a way to try to begin to move him toward a more moderate position. Dugger: My question about it is, by my reading of this you said the Jews deserve to be exterminated, because they are trying to exterminate the white race. That’s the logic of it. But that you were not advocating that, you want to resettle them, and believe that if this is done, “their numbers will dwindle rapidly.” Have I got that right? Shall I repeat that? Duke: I don’t agree with that. It was out of context, and I don’t agree with the sentiment or the way I expressed that. Dugger: I’ve got the context here. Duke: I don’t agree with the sentiment, I don’t think that’s adequate to the way I expressed it at the time, in terms of what I said. Dugger: And you don’t mean that? Duke: No, I certainly don’t advocate that. Dugger: Okay. This is the last one. The Third Excerpt Shown to Duke: Duke: ….We’re going to need a lot of fighters. We’re going to need a lot of people that are very tough. Fields: I’m so impatient. I can’t wait for something to happen. Duke: It’s like you’re out in the jungle and there’s this magnificent Bengal tiger….And the thing’s about to jump you. Well, it’s unfortunate, but you’ve got to pull out your shotgun and do him in, or he’s going to do you in when the time comeslike Hitler. Duke: Yeah, well, this quotation, I was referring to Hitlerthat Hitler had to be stopped. Dugger: Okay, that’s what “like Hitler” meant? Duke: Yeah. Exactly. Dugger: Finally, what about thisI know you’re having to deal with it all the time. Some people are saying you’re a racist, right, some people are saying you’re an anti-Semite, and some people are saying you’re a Nazi. How do you respond to that? That’s right there on the table.’ Duke: First off, I’m not a racist. I love my heritage but I believe in equal rights, and I don’t think you have to put down the races to defend your own. I’m not an anti-Semite. I respect the Jewish people, and I think I respect the fact that they have made great efforts to preserve their heritage and their way of life. I think we can learn a lot from them. And third, I am the absolute antithesis of what a Nazi is, I believe in less government all the way across the board, I believe in more individual freedom, and my voting record in the Louisiana legislature completely reflects that. Less government, less taxation, less government control, and more freedom. Nazism is kind of repressive politics and tactics which are somewhat reminiscent of the affirmative action programs, which have some degree of resemblance to the Nuremberg type laws, where you limit people by professions or by quotas. So that’s my answer. [In the Louisiana governor’s race last year, Duke, in his broadcasts asking for votes, also asked people to telephone a 900 number and to subscribe to the Duke Report for a fee. This was unusual since 900 numbers cannot be used to solicit campaign contributions. The closing question of the interview concerned this.] Dugger: Finally, I have one topic that I did not tell Ms. Otillio about, so I’m not trying to ambush you on it….It’s simply your 900 number, and the Duke Report. [Duke indicates he will answer the question.] How did that work? I guess that’s a private business since you can’t use a 900 number in politics. How much money did you make out of it? Duke: Well, didn’t make as much money as it cost us to put it out, but it was a way to get more names that we could use politically. Dugger: You didn’t net anything? Duke: Naw, I didn’t net anything personally. Dugger: Do you have any other business interests? Duke: No, I own this one house. I don’t own any other houses. I have no stocks and bonds, no savings accounts over a few hundred dollars, I have an IRA and that’s it. Dugger: Just a few savings accounts at a hundred or so? Duke: A few hundred is about the most I’ve saved. Dugger: They can’t accuse you of pilin’ up dough. Duke: Well, I’m not. As the interview ended it was about ten minutes to one. Nothing more was said about lunch. I thanked Duke and we shook hands, I signed my Johnson book “To David Duke, with thanks for the interview today,” and the photographer and I left. ‘The, pertinent part of the letter said: “I would like to conduct a serious taped interview with with death in Israel; his beliefs now, with reference to his earlier views, on immigration, affirmative ‘action as discrimination, the income tax and a U.S. sales tax, meritocracy and political systems, encouraging procreation in productive people and fewer children for the welfare underclass and related Darwinian considerations, the importance of racial genes in civilization and culture, segregation and geographical separation of the races, American values of Christian and European origin, and Jews, the America media, Israel, and the Holocaust; his strategy concerning running for office as a way to build a movement; whether under some circumstances he might run for President as an independent next November; and his analysis of factors which will determine whether he becomes President.” ‘In 1971, traveling after work in Laos, Duke visited Israel. 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