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1985: On Jews “If the Jews are so great, why do they have to be among us in the first place?… “If you want to talk about any sort of pornography, or you want to talk about organized crime, or you want to talk about the advocates of drug usage, or the obscene poets They have been consistently behind the kind of things that are against the tradi-tions of the West, the values of the West, the spirit of the West….In the last 60, 70 years we’ve gone… into an increasingly Jewish minoritization of our culture. And I don’t like it, you know. Every time they’ve gotten into things, things have become more materialistic and less spiritual. Make the more fast buck. Make something cheap, plastic that disintegrates upon using it twice, instead of something that lasts. “It’s the big, big, big guys who make the serious bucks and it’s as Jewish as a $3 bill. I mean it’s Jewish from top to bottom. I mean the real top players Jews, Jews, Jews and more Jews. They raped the country economically. “I don’t have any hatred toward the average Jew. I think I’ve got a lot of enmity towards the Jews as a whole. I resent what they’re doing. I resent them…. “You know Barbra Streisand is the greatest singer of our age. There are plenty of Gentile singers who look better than her, sing better than her, but they’re not Jews. They don’t get the same coverage. In fact that’s what the media does in this countryany time aJew does anything, you know, he’s lauded to the hilt…. “These Jews who run things, who are producing this mental illnessteen-age suicide… just read the modern novelists, read Philip Roth Portnoy’ s Complaint all these Jewish sicknesses in there, like that. Of course that’s nothing new. The Talmud is full of it. The Talmud’s full of things like sex with boys and girls…. “One factor is people simply have been bought off….They owe their power and prestige to the Jews. Like [President] Reagan, he’s been working for Jews all his life, especially Jewish studio heads. And now he knows he toes the line really well.” Duke to Evelyn Rich, March 1985. 1985: On Unvaluable Humans “I definitely think we have a wrong attitude about life, you know. I think that this idea that somehow everything that’s livingthat’s, quote, `human,’ that can crawl under the line of a human beingis valuable and good is a very bad concept. It’s not human life that’s so valuable, it’s good human life, productive human life, beautiful human life….I don’t think the fact that somebody is human necessarily gives any, you know, is any great plus in their favor….1 don’t see any intrinsic value in that person because they crawl under the line as human beings….” Duke to Evelyn Rich. March 1985. 1985-86: On Racial Engineering not a forced thing. Say you have a congenital case of welfare, where the women in the family have been on welfare for generations. You offer the mother of the moment a cash bonushypothetically $10,000excellent living quarters, and job training” [for not having children]. Duke, in John Bowers, “Interview: David Duke,” Gallery, reprinted in NAAWP News #38, 1985. “I became convinced that the real answer to the world’s problems was not in better tools of men, but in better men and women….Well, not only genetic engineering, but just promoting the best strains, the best individuals….Society has a very strong birth control against the most creative, the most productive, the most talented, because in general in society, they have the fewest children. Whereas your lowest elements, the way society ieconstructed, are encouraged. The more welfare payments for the more children they have, etc., etc., etc. In fact, most of them are too stupid to do anything else but have kids. That’s the only way in life they can really entertain themselves, is through sex. They can’t entertain themselves very well through intellectual pursuits. And so society already has a program, and I say simply reverse that.”… “What we’re trying to do is pick out those certain elementsthe most courageous, foresightful of the American peopleand to do that you’ve got to go through the whole country and pick outdraw out like a magnet those people of true mettle….” Duke to Evelyn Rich, March 1985. “There is no reason we shouldn’t give incentives to welfare recipients, criminals, and mentally defective to go childless. On the other hand, there is no good reason why we shouldn’t offer the gifted and successful incentives to have more children.” Duke. “Letter of the Month,” NAACP News #24, 1986, cited in LCARN. “Resource.” “Finally, there would be cash bonuses for sterilizationmoney that could make their lives more comfortable….So [now] our most productive people are being sterilized while the least productive, many of whom are feeble minded and practically in a state of mental retardation, have a multitude of children.” Duke, in Michael Bane, “David Duke: Is the White Race Doomed?” Hustler, reprinted in NAAWP News #37, 1986, cited in LCARN, “Resource.” 1986: ‘Not good Americans’ “The media is dominated by Jews. You know it, and everybody knows it. They own the store….These Jews are not good Americans.” Duke interview with Gallery, cited in LCARN, “Resource.” 1986: “Like Hitler” During a recorded interview on Feb. 17, 1986, in Culver City, California, Duke said the Jewish people “have been a blight” and “probably deserve to go into the ashbin of history.” After likening the enemy to a magnificent tiger stalking you in the jungle, Duke said you must kill the tiger before it kills you, whereupon Duke added cryptically: “like Hitler.” See extensive excerpts of this interview in this issue. 1987: Jews from Satan Duke attended a Florida meeting of believers in Identity Christianity, which teaches that blacks are “mud people” and that Jews literally are descendents of Satan. LCARN, “Resource.” 12 JANUARY 17 & 31, 1992