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R E V I E W S “SXSW-tripled its enrollrhent to 2,400 musicians, music business professionals and media representatives from its humble beginnings in 1987. It’s now regarded by many observers as one of the best music showcases in the country… and first in providing an all-around good time for its registrants.” Chicago Tribune “Decidedly non-corporate, SXSW… is devoted to alternative and independent music of all stripes from blue grass to rap: any style that is largely ignored by the corporate media.” Los Angeles Times “The big shots get a chance to hear more new, undiscovered music than they can anywhere else in the United States in a given week, while all those undiscovered musicians and their managers, producers, publicists, and other wannabees can learn about the business of music up close and showcase their work in front of those same big shots.” Texas Monthly “As music conferences go, SXSW… is refreshingly kicked-back and wellorganized. The SXSW staff busted their butts keeping 200 attendees bopping smoothly.” Boston Phoenix “Each incarnation of SXSW seems to outgun the previous one, and in a nutshell, I think it’s because the coordinators of this particular event cling stubbornly to the belief that rock ‘n roll should be fun. Sure, sleep was for wimps, the Bullshit Quotient was flirting with red line and 6th street was a dangerous gridlock, but who cares? Somewhere along the line the lightbulb clicked on: I’ve come to love SXSW because it celebrates music not the music industry.” Dallas Observer “Scattered throughout the ID tags are some familiar, even legendary names. Everywhere you look, there’s a star, a demi-star or a behind-the-scenes legend mingling with the hopeful and the unsigned.” Denver’s Westword “Over four nights in more than 20 of the city’s club and concert halls, talent scouts and fans could sample everything from rap to folk, played by eager bands from Brooklyn to Denver.” Washington Post “Perhaps the real reason the Austin Chronicle sponsors SXSW is to pay for the beer and barbecue served at the Sunday softball tournament.” Houston’s Public News “Some observers were agape: even the critics danced.” Newsday THE TEXAS OBSERVER 15 ?yr Ahr.vpi AP, ..,scrW south by southwest SXSW 91 music and media conference CHRONICLE Inn KXAN-TV 36 SA Irpepsi d M LNIII P PA March 20-24, 1991 Hyatt. Regency Austin, Texas Prices, Hotels, Airlines Name March 1 Last day for $135 registration rate. Company From March 2 24, the rate is $175. Title Address City, State, Zip Phone Fax Hotel in Austin I want to register for SXSW ’91. Enclosed is my check or money order. I want to register for SXSW ’91. Please bill my credit card for Credit Card I Exp. Date Name on Card Signature American Express Visa Mastercard NO REFUNDS Hyatt Regency has already sold out of rooms for SXSW, but several other local hotels are offering discount packages for the conference. Call SXSW at 512/477-7979 for a list of these hotels and prices available to conference attendees. American Airlines is the official airline for the SXSW ’91 Conference. Call 1/800-433-1790 and refer to starfile S 03314 I for discount rates. Return to: SXSW Box 49066, Austin, TX 78765 512/477-7979 Fax 512/477-0754 PR ICES Please send me more information on placing an insert in the SXSW registrants bag advertising in the SXSW program book renting a booth at the SXSW trade show. Please send me more information on extra award show tickets extra music fest passes. R E G I S T ER