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POSTED ,ail TENSING KEEP OUT 1 SOCIAL CAUSE CALENDAR FOURTH WORLD ASSEMBLY IN IRVING The ninth Assembly of the Fourth World will be held in Irving July 11-15. Decentralists from the United States, Canada, and Great Britain will discuss alternative economics and education, minority and community empowerment, small-scale solutions to social problems, and many other social and environmental topics. Speakers include authors Kirkpatrick Sale and Judith Plant, editor John Papworth, and activist Helen Nearing. Activities will take place at the Catholic Formation Center. For more information, call Gene WASHING DISHES IN AUSTIN “The Miracle of Washing Dishes,” a onewoman multi-media show about women confronting their . lives, will be presented from June 21 July 8 at Tarrytown Center in Austin. Call 328-6071 for more information. MARCH FOR JUSTICE IN HOUSTON The Poor People’s Campaign for Economic Justice is sponsoring a march and rally for economic justice to coincide with the economic summit in Houston July 8. BLACK ART IN AUSTIN The Black Arts Alliance in Austin presents Untitled: The Works of Revolutionary Black Artist John Henry Hines through July 13. Hines was a San Antonio native who worked in several media. For inforNATIVE AMERICAN ART IN HOUSTON Houston’s Museum of Fine Art will present Color, Form, and Line: Spanish Colonial and Native American Art from Houston Private Collections from June 23 October 7. The display features indigenous art from Native American cultures, with half the works coming from the American Southwest. CLARA SIPPRELL IN FORT WORTH Fort Worth’s Amon Carter Museum will feature an exhibition of the work of picto rialist photographer Clara Sipprell from June 29-August 26. The exhibit will feature over 1000 of Siprell’s photographs. ROD DAVIS Onion Strike, 1980 OBSERVANCES June 30, 1982 Equal Rights Amendment lapses without ratification. July 2, 1971 Oregon becomes first state to outlaw pull-tabs and non-returnable bottles. July 5, 1935 National Labor Relations Act passed, guaranteeing right to organize and bargain collectively. July 6, 1894 US troops intervene in Nicaragua. July 6, 1895 0. Henry flees embezzlement charges. July 8, 1959 First U.S. troops die in Vietnam. July 10, 1917 Emma Goldman sentenced to two years for aiding draft resisters. July 11, 1905 Niagara Movement, later to become the NAACP, founded. STUDENT EXCHANGE The American Intercultural Student Exchange is seeking host families for high school exchange students \(all fluent in America, and Australia for the upcoming school year. For more information, call 1800-SIBLING. ASSE International Student Exchange Program is taking applications from families who wish to host a teenager from Europe while the student attends the local high school during the 1990-91 school year. For information, call 1-800-3333802. THE OTHER SUMMIT An alternative economic summit will be held in Houston July 6-8, directly preceding the official Economic Summit. will allow economic experts and grassroots activists to discuss the environment, economic justice, and the quality of life. On the agenda are Soviet-U.S. relations, ecological economics, and economic selfreliance. For more informa6116. PRISONERS’ ART “Con Safos: Forbidden Expressidn from the Bexar County Jail,” an exhibit including 50 photographs of images created by prisoners on the walls in the old Bexar County Jail will be displayed from June 5-July 22 at the Institute of Texan Cultures in San Antonio. For information, SCHOOL FOR DISARMAMENT National and regional anti-nuclear organizations have joined together to organize a “Missile Silo Peace School,” scheduled for July 4 in Montrose, Missouri. The school will be held on Ralph and Mary Fran Clay’s Black Angus cattle ranch, also the location of Missile Launch Site J2, an underground silo housing a 1.2megaton Minuteman nuclear missile. The July 4 school will be held in a grove of trees next to the J2 site and will cover various aspects of resistance to nuclear weapons policy, including nonviolent civil disobedience \(no CD actions are planned topics, including the farm crisis, environmental issues, and the oppression of women and minorities. Free tent-campwater, and some meals will be provided. Motel rooms are available in nearby towns. BENTON EXHIBIT IN AUSTIN Laguna Gloria Art Museum in Austin will present an exhibit entitled “Thomas Hart Benton: Drawings from Life,” June 9 July 29. A video program on Benton’s life and career will be shown every Thursday evening at 7:00 p.m. THE TEXAS OBSERVER 19