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LOUIS DUBOSE Phil Gramm in Houston 414 Barton Springs Road Gramm Speaks On Social Security minimum benefits: “Then Claude Pepper got up and said, `There are 80-year-old people who are going to be denied this $110 a month.’ “I got up and said, ‘They are 80 years old. Most people don’t have the luxury of living to be 80 years old, so it’s hard for me to feel sorry for them.’ ” The Woodlands Villager In answer to a question concerning whether the deregulation of natural gas would have devastating economic consequences, raising utility bills for homeowners, businesses, and schools: “No, I don’t accept that. Any policy has winners and losers.” U. S. News and World Report From a 1983 Republican press release distributed to the Tennessee Congressional District of Rep. Albert Gore, Jr., concerning Gore’s vote against a Gramm amendment prohibiting the distribution of International Monetary Fund money to “communist dictatorships” \(an amendment also opposed by Gramm: “In this vote, we had a clear choice: prevent the hard-earned money of the working people of this country from going to Communist dictatorships or support Communism. Obviously Albert Gore chose to support Communism rather than the people of this country.” New Republic On a Dallas Morning News article about a family rationing its food to avoid hunger: “Did you see the picture? Here are these people who are skimping to avoid hunger, and they are all fat! [He laughs.] In fact, in an unguarded moment, this picture induced me to point out the other day that because of the perverse impact of food stamps where we force people to buy food when, given a choice, they would choose to spend the aid we give them on other things, that we’re the only nation in the world where all our poor people are fat.” September 3, 1981, Cleburne Civic Center \(TO, On Social Security and Medicare cuts restricting the self-sufficiency of the elderly: An elderly black woman tells Gramm, “It’s easier to tell an old person, ‘Well, why don’t you go to a convalescent home?’ If you are able to look after yourself, if you just could get somewhere to live until you die, that’s better than people puttin’ you in a home and people forgettin’ about you.” “You haven’t thought about a new husband, have you?” Gramm asks, smiling. “My husband hasn’t been here for four years,” the woman says, smiling. “I’m just kidding,” the Congressman assures her and moves on to the next question. September 3, 1981, Corsicana Public Library \(TO, CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR 35TH ANNIVERSARY TEXAS AFL-CIO Joe Gunn, President Jackie St. Clair, Secretary-Treasurer and the Executive Board & Staff THE TEXAS OBSERVER 29