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SOCIAL CAUSE CALENDAR HURRICANE RELIEF In response to severe levels of destruction and widespread flooding throughout much of Nicaragua and neighboring Central American countries in the wake of Hurricane Joan, a broad-based coalition of community groups and individuals are coordinating fundraising efforts in the Austin area, on behalf of families victimized by the storm. Relief aid will be sent via American Red Cross and IFCO \(Inter-Religious Foundation national organizations having longstanding cooperative relationships with Nicaragua and Central America. Those who would like to help out should make out checks to the American Red Cross, or IFCO/Hurricane Relief, specifying Nicaragua or another country affected by the hurricane if you wish. Address them to Hurricane Relief, 227 Congress Avenue, Austin, 78701, or phone 4745877, for more information. PEACE CONVOY A Pastors for Peace aid convoy to Nicaragua will gather in San Antonio before a mid-December departure to carry aid to Nicaragua. Contingents of vehicles from Miami, Seattle and Detroit will join Texas convoy participants in San Antonio where they will remain December 9-14. Anyone wishing to donate needed items, particularly corrugated roofing, construction materials, and food, contact a local representative. For information on convoy activities in San Antonio call Other cities in which the convoy will stop, and lists of local contacts are: El Fort Worth, Patrick Bonner; Waco, OBSERVANCES November 17, 1973 President Nixon says, am not a crook. November 18, 1872 Susan B. Anthony arrested for voting. November 19, 1863 Lincoln delivers Gettysburg Address. November 19, 1915 IWW organizer Joe Hill executed. November 21, 1966 National Organization for Women founded. November 23, 1945 Wartime food rationing ends. November 24, 1947 House of Representatives cites Hollywood Ten for contempt of Congress. November 26, 1883 Former slave and abolitionist Sojourner Truth dies. MEMORIAL SERVICE FOR AMERICAN CHURCH WORKERS. A memorial service for four North American church women killed in El Salvador in December of 1980 will be held on Friday, December 2, at 7 p.m. in the University Presbyterian Church, 2203 San Antonio in Austin. At the bilingual service, canned goods will be collected and later divided between the Pastors for Peace Convoy to Nicaragua, and Casa Marianella, an Austin shelter for Central American refugees and other homeless people. For information, call the American Friends Service Committee EXCHANGE STUDENT PROGRAM ASSE International Student Exchange programs is looking for area representatives in local communities. ASSE provides academic year exchange programs for U.S., European, Japanese, and Australian students 15 to 18 years old. ASSE’s goal is to contribute to international understanding through exchange programs that enable students to learn about other countries and languages through active participation in school and community life. This nonprofit organization is seeking area representatives and prospective students. Further information is available through call Weatherford, Texas 76086. BENEFIT CONCERT The Central American Resource Center is sponsoring a benefit concert featuring TIMBUK3 and Butch Hancock on Thursday, December 1, 8 to 11 p.m. at Liberty Lunch in Austin. The $8 donation will pay legal fees for Central American refugees. For information call PASTORS’ POTLUCK A potluck supper and gathering to support the Midwest section of a Peace Pastors Nicaraguan aid convoy will be held at the All Saints Episcopal Church, 209 W. 27th St. in Austin on December 7 at 7:30 p.m. A press conference and official send-off for the convoy is scheduled for December 9 at 10 a.m. at the Central Christian Church, 1110 Guadalupe, Austin. For VIRGEN DE GUADALUPE ALTAR EXHIBIT An opening reception for a month-long exhibit of home altars dedicated to the Virgen de Guadalupe will be held at Amado Peria’s art gallery, El Taller, on December 2 from 6 to 8 p.m. The opening will feature Spanish songs honoring La Virgen, sung by the Coro de Guadalupe. The exhibit will remain open through December 30. El Taller is located at 719 E. Sixth St., in Austin. For information, call 477-6007. Continued from Page 21 McClellan seems to feel that all civil rights legislation for the last hundred years has been wasted effort. He would like to abolish all law and all governmental agencies designed to provide equal opportunity and the franchise for “disadvantaged” “racial minorities.” I don’t think many blacks will agree with him. I don’t think that Jesse Jackson, for whom I voted and campaigned, agrees with him. I do think that Ronald Reagan agrees with him. What I don’t understand is why the Observer felt it necessary to publish this doltish anarchism. Doesn’t the Bush-Quayle campaign provide enough liberal bashing for us all? I venture to say that a large majority of the Observer’s readers place their hope and faith in the grand American tradition of liberalism. Why insult them with this witless folly? Henry B. Rule The Woodlands WE PRINT OUR MAIL The Observer welcomes comments from readers. Short letters \(two or three “Dialogue”, The Texas Observer, 307 W. 7th, Austin, TX 78701. 22 NOVEMBER 25, 1988