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Photos by Alan Pogue Thal Liveoak, A Quaker from ‘Austin, works with a Catholic church in rural El Salvador San Salvador. Mother and Father. Their four children were killed while working with refugees near San Salvador. “Yes, you may photograph us. We are wellknown and we have nothing else to lose” THE TEXAS OBSERVER 13 THE PEOPLE of El Salvador were happy to be photographed, with two excep tions: the military and those hiding from the military. So there are no photographs of soldiers, even though they seemed to be everywhere with their machine guns. No pictures of the middle-aged couple who were moving from house to house each night, one step ahead of the death squads. Many people in El Salvador asked me to tell Americans of their hopes that Michael Dukakis will be elected President. Some expressed the hope it would lead to a cut-off in military aid from the United States. In Nicaragua almost everyone was happy to be photographed, including soldiers. An ex-contra, who had been a battalion commander, asked me not to photograph him. Nicaraguans are not afraid of their own military. They are afraid of the contras. Nicaraguans also hope for a Dukakis victory so that aid to the contras will stop and the trade embargo will be lifted. -ALAN POGUE Children’s Hospital, Managua, Nicaragua