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Listed On The National Register of Historic Places “Go gather by the humming sea Some twisted, echo-harboring shell, And to it all thy secrets tell” W. B. Yeats P.O. Box 8 Port Aransas, TX 78373 Our outstanding lunches have been an Austin must for eleven years. Our international grocery features food and wine from around’ the world. Come see us at our new home. Oommon MBRISET 1610 San Antonio Austin, Tex. 78701 472-1900 Hours: 7am 7pm Mon. to Fri. and 8am 4pm on Sat crats sent no less than three candidates into the fray Babbitt, Gephardt, and Gore. None of them proved to be serious contenders. Now the rightwingers in the party will attempt to gain by brokerage what they couldn’t gain at the ballot box. But even if they get a conservative on the ticket, most of the true Scoop Jackson Democrats probably will vote for the real thing anyway George Bush. ANDERSON & COIVIPAT COFFEE TEA SPICES AUSTINTEXAS =ft 512 453-1533 Send me your list. Name Street ,City Zip *THE AUSTIN* CHRONICLE Austin politics. Austin entertainment. Austin iconoclasm. For seven years now, the Austin Chronicle has been keeping tabs on the social and political kaleidoscope that is Texas’ capital city. From the South Texas Nuclear Project to Greater Tuna, from the war between the developers and the environmentalists to the battles for arts funding, from Bill Clements to the Butthole Surfers, the Chronicle covers it all. Available free at over 350 locations throughout the central Texas area, or by PO Box 49066, Austin 78765. ment, and in 1983 he supported a proposed constitutional amendment to make abortion illegal. WHEN IT COMES to economics Nunn is well to the right: In 1981 he voted against an amendment guaranteeing minimum social security benefits. He has attacked the regulatory authority of the Federal Trade Commission, supported cuts in domestic social programs, backed nuclear power and synthetic fuels, and opposed efforts to strengthen Superfund legislation aimed at cleaning up toxic wastes. He joined in Reagan’s early supplyside .tax cuts, which transferred wealth to the rich. He has long been a keen supporter of the contra war in Nicaragua. In April 1985, while Oliver North was mounting the secret enterprise to conduct the war, theAdministration fought to win congressional approval for so-called humanitarian aid. Nunn was all for it. He backed renewal of humanitarian aid, including shared intelligence and an economic embargo of Nicaragua. “I don’t think a military solution is possible,” he told an audience last year. “But I do not think a diplomatic solution is possible without military leverage.” Nunn’s political philosophy, despite his curious reputation for great intelligence, is fairly simple. “The Democratic Party, since the Vietnam era, has been perceived as being to the left of center,” Nunn told Donald Lambro of the Washington Times in August 1986. “And that’s come about primarily in the area of foreign policy, defense, and in fiscal perceptions.” Pursuit of these policies \(and, presumably, “distrust of the Democratic Party.” “I’m always amazed,” he continued, “when I see people on the far left talk about how the Democratic Party’s got to remain on the left because that’s where it belongs in the political spectrum.’ That hasn’t been where the party has been on the foreignpolicy and defense side historically.” The politics of the Scoop Jackson right are most forcefully advanced within the hierarchy of the AFL-CIO, by the press, and within different political organizations that function as appendages of the Democratic Party. Chief among these is the Democratic Leadership Council, where Nunn sits with Robb, Al Gore, Bruce Babbitt, and Dick Gephardt, among others. Adjacent to the council is the Coalition for a Democratic Majority, headed by Ben Wattenberg, a former Scoop Jackson adviser, and run by Penn Kemble, best known for his advocacy of the contra war. This wing of the party, which traces it roots back to the witch hunts of McCarthyism, has had little success in winning votes. Scoop Jackson himself unsuccessfully ran for President in both 1972 and 1976. The much ballyhooed John Glenn fizzled in 1984. This year the Scoop Jackson Demo THE TEXAS OBSERVER 5