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ANSW ERING C0444144, edtt SER VICE KATHLEEN O’CONNELL P.O. BOX 3005 477-8278 AUSTIN, IX 78764 Life Insurance and Annuities Martin Elfant, CLU 4223 Richmond, Suite 213, Houston, TX 77027 SP1F Life Resident of migrant camp near Hereford But the final, and perhaps most bloody battle, may come down to public opinion. “I think the city of Hereford is afraid of being another Labor Camp,” said Mary Lou Canales, a local coordinator for Motivation, Education and Training time I have to go to the Labor Camp. These [workers] have no option but to stay there. And the people in Hereford keep saying, ‘We don’t need a housing project.’ ” Project proponents point to the city’s lack of cooperation as proof the Anglo community is turning a deaf ear to its Hispanic migrant population. “No amenities will be provided by the city of Hereford, unlike similar projects in Crystal City or Laredo where cities bore costs,” said John Hennenberger with MET, hired by the national Farmer’s Home Administration office to provide assistance for farm labor housing. “Other cities were able to get municipal governments to provide amenities to greatly reduce costs. We would have to provide these because of Hereford’s political and financial situation.” City officials in Laredo and Crystal City, where similar migrant housing projects are in the works, say they have provided complete personal and business insurance ALICE ANDERSON AGENCY 808-A East 46th P.O. Box 4666, Austin 78765 gpRI4VrAir\(Werr i4VSNVe rMS14,P F*IvAelA ?MNYVVKwr*.e.tierfY0t4voc:af N:ifi”;ptsgt Whole Earth Provision Company Nature Discovery Gifts amaze, inform, delight Choose from our business or family gifts of lasting value, for all ages, price ranges and any occasion. Call or stop by and let us make suggestions. 2410 San Antonio St. 4006 South Lamar Blvd. 8868 Research Blvd. l irtia4Ltv;;e:p.x .motskuriee.ici.urse4-04.44r.hrst owavica.QAerpsi4V -mueltwAgmeaciwouldaY I free land, discounted utility rates and road paving to help make their projects work. Hereford’s City Manager, Darwin McGill, is making no excuses. “I personally don’t feel any particular obligation to them,” he said, referring to the area’s migrants. “I can appreciate low-rent projects .. . but the city z r , doesn’t offer any perks,” he said. E Although city officials have tempered their distaste for the housing develop ment by making few public statements about it, several Hereford residents have already launched complaints. “We feel 0 like the existence of our day care center is at stake,” said Boyd Foster, a director a. of the Hereford Day Care Center, located across the street from the proposed project. “Having lived in Hereford all my life, the housing projects are typically fraught with mismanagement, corruption, theft and abandoned cars and just not the sort of thing we want across the street from our day care center.” But Amistad President Charlie Ruiz says the uniqueness of this project with its proposed day care center, truck parking, fourand five-bedroom units, attractive landscaping and ball park . will resolve problems traditionally associated with low-rent housing. “It’s like we’ve been saying. This will be one of a kind in the state of Texas in that it won’t look like a regular housing project,” Ruiz said. “I think it could change Hereford in a way that those who are against it will hopefully have a change of mind when they see how well managed it will be.” to A loom ow* STATEMENT OF OVINERSHIF MANAGEM.ENT AN CIRCULATION 1 ‘ITU POO ONO/CAM. Th. T. Olnernr 2 TII 0. L NO CCM 0 CO 1 9 Sap. 30, 1967 IA no 0 , i.:1\(1 ,11elttn0 34 ,O.0.7.14. L 0.01CONTION 25 877.00 ‘ I:T=0 gra pt for tbrss-me k Luta real botmeeo Woes twice year, to JainmA7 it July i natl., TOW-TAN.64 0, Kit 0. ft…A,. a …. a. . aa a… r a 600 least zsth n05, Austin, Trani., T ana 75705 Wo o l. 001M$3 IN Irl otrOOPAP MI10 41. ONM1143 COMO. 00 I1N INALIMMA NOM*/ 603 11..1, tetn 0105, Austin, Traria, Team 78705 hIet ,.. Noo…. m… Omor A.m./ Ronnie Duster, 600 oh.. 28th 0105, AM1lo, U.’. 78705 MM. /roar ma ……. 10*, , N.. p.m.., 603 r… Mb 0115. 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