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N\\A-1 and Associates 1117 West 5th Street Austin, Texas 78703 REALTOR Representing all types of properties in Austin and Central Texas Interesting & unusual property a specialty. 477-3651 E co Our outstanding lunches have been an Austin must for CICVCI1 V ears. Our international grocery features food and wine from around the world. Come see us at our new home. MOM MARKET 1610 San Antonio Austin, Tex. 78701 472-1900 Hours: lam-7pm Mon. to Fri. and 8am-6pm on Sat ANDERSON & COMPANY COFFEE TEA SPICES AUSTIN, TEXAS / 512 453-15378331 Send me your list. Name Street City Zip_ _ research is being conducted at the Balcones Research Center of the University of Texas. While the research now being conducted at Balcones is unclassified. Mark says it is possible that future work could be classified. Mark said the rule prohibiting classified work on-campus does not apply to work conducted at the Balcones site, which he says is offcampus. What we are confronted with is a militarized economy, in which all sectors of society are either directly or not-veryindirectly dependent upon military expenditures. With a Reagan-Gramm-Rudman program pulling the rug out from under social spending on agriculture, general education, small business, the entire society will be tied into military research and development. Lyndon LaRouche’s Democratic National Policy Committee helped pioneer the way for Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative. The Larouchites now call for the mobilization of all the nation’s industrial activity for the research, development, and deployment of SDI. Ronald Reagan, once again, is not far behind. And that’s the real danger of the star wars initiative. The Strategic Defense Initiative is not going to protect one civilization from another. It will, in fact, increase the danger of nuclear war because it attempts to replace negotiation with technology. But that’s not the point of SDI anyway. The real aim of the Reagan program is to create a society that is entirely locked into a military economy. Star Wars is the means, , not the end. And Texas makes a good little laboratory for the experiment. G.R. DIALOGUE Our Monster Hugh H. Meyer of Hondo stated a truth if there ever was one \(TO, Gramm-Rudman is the Observer’s and Maverickite’s own little monster. You made it when you went against Krueger. Why do you disown your own handicraft? Fred Sinclair Boerne Beside the Point The debate between Mr. Dugger and Mr. Maverick \(TO, respective supporters regarding the importance of human rights violations on the part of the Sandinistas is philosophically fascinating. It seems to me, however, that it is, in the present situation, beside the point. That point is 4 MARCH 7. 1986 that the United States is engaged in an indefensible campaign to replace the Sandinistas with a rightwing government that can hold out the promise of improvement only from the perspective of the idealogues of the Reagan Administration. The only hope for improvement in the human rights situation in Nicaragua lies in ending U.S. support \(direct and constant irritant and excuse of the contras out of the way, we should, in relatively short order, have a real opportunity to judge the true colors of the Sandinistas. Then and only then will we be in any position to mount an appropriate response based upon our observation of the Sandinista approach to all aspects of governance when not under military and economic attack. David R. Denton Austin Best Debate I was never more delighted than to read the Dugger-Maverick essays on Nicaragua \(TO, responses thereto. I have supported the Texas Observer from its inception and the depth of the writing and the reader response on this East Dallas Printing Company Full Service Union Printing 211 S. Peak Dallas, Tx 75226 occasion was the best since that date. And each reader made a contribution of fact as well as of opinion on a very basic foreign policy position of this nation. I only wish an updated analysis of the Monroe Doctrine and it’s skewed application in the 20th century were written. I would contribute to the debate Nicaragua: The First Five Years, a series of essays edited by Thomas Walker: Praeger, New York. Otto B. Mullinax Dallas Too Late I just finished a belated reading of Geoffrey Rips’s “Higher Education and the Cult of Technology” \(TO, not a cautionary tale, but a description of the current situation. Texas already has a multi-tiered education system; ask anyone who has attended both UT and Austin Community College, also called “Austin Child Care.” The humanities are already strictly decorative; ask any engineering student, or any liberal arts student for that matter. Star Wars and industry already pull the strings of research; ask the disgruntled junior computer science faculty, if you can get any of them to talk. Prentiss Riddle Galveston