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Burt Hurlbut speaks, flanked by Gen. Singlaub and Tom Loeffler. Life Insurance and Annuities Strilife OF CANADA Martin Elfant, CLU 4223 Richmond, Suite 213, Houston, TX 77027 had no charges leveled against him by his government. Sandoval may have been a member of the now-purged group known as CAL, Singlaub said, but that does not bar his membership in WACL now. Less than an hour later, in a press handout, the name of Mario Sandoval Alarcon was included as an official member of the Guatemalan delegation to WACL. The Anti-Communist Threat How much tolerance and forgiveness are the anti-Communists willing to extend to dictatorships around the world? On September 11, Singlaub announced to the convention that it was now twelve years since the Marxist government of Salvador Allende had been overthrown in Chile. To mark the occasion, WACL sent its greetings to the current Chilean dictator, Gen. Augusto Pinochet. “We believe the government of Pinochet has some chance of eventually becoming democratic,” Singlaub said later at a press conference. “We agree that it is more authoritarian than we like, but . . . we wanted to recognize the fact that that was one place where the people overthrew a communist government, despite the myth that that never happens.” At another press conferencd, a leader of the Mozambique rebel group expressed a frustration with American scrutinization of the anti-CommuniSt movement. He said his group’s plight was “falling on deaf ears.” “The Western world is dwelling in its fantasy “the far left or the far right is not the answer,” but a moment later added, “I’d rather have the far right than the far left, if given a choice. We would rather have Somoza than SandinistaMarxist government.” General Luis Villareal, a delegate to WACL from the Philippines, who described himself as the president of the Philippine anti-Communist movement, was visibly uncomfortable when asked a question about repression under Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos. “No comment,” he said. “That is not for me to say.” He thought for another moment and added, “Marcos is not a Communist.” Kooks and Fuzzy-Minded People MEANWHILE, General Singlaub’s success in raising money for the Nicaraguan contras has encouraged him to think of expanding his operations eventually to fund other guerrilla groups around the world. The money is raised through Singlaub’s U.S. Council for World Freedom, a Phoenix-based tax-exempt foundation that is the American chapter of WACL. Singlaub says there are about 3,000 dues-paying members of the U.S. Council, and through its mailings and coalition with other groups “we have contact with millions.” The General has told newspaper reporters that his group has raised nearly $25 million in contributions since Congress cut off aid to the contras more than a year ago. American citizens are barred by ‘law from using their funds to buy weapons for foreign armies, but as Singlaub explained to reporters, his international connections through WACL help him find other means to supply the fighters. of unlimited democracy,” he said. Similar sentiments were everywhere to be found at the conference. “Let me tell you one thing,” said Jose’ CastroFrenzel, a Nicaraguan exile now living in Dallas. “You Americans have a conception of what democratic is .. . if you don’t see the things you want to see you say that is not democracy. I have been here long enough to see that tendency.” Joralia Wallace, another Nicaraguan exile who now leads an anti-Sandinista Miskito group from San Antonio, said she is tired of hearing about the excesses of former Nicaraguan dictator Anastasio Somoza. “Let’s not talk about Somoza. Let’s forget about Somoza and look at the Sandinista,” she said. She tentatively approached middle ground by saying THE TEXAS OBSERVER 13