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Printers Stationers Mailers Typesetters High Speed Web Offset Publication Press Counseling Designing Copy Writing Editing Trade Computer Sales and Services Complete Computer Data Processing Services *FUTURA PRESS AUSTIN TEXAS FILIPTUIRSik 512/442-7836 1714 South Congress P.O. Box 3485 Austin, Texas 78764 V The Democrat in the runoff for Cong. Wright Patman’s old seat, former district attorney Jim Chapman from Sulphur Springs, is running as a lawand-order conservative. Before the first primary vote he told the Wall Street Journal: “People here have come to think that the word Democrat means liberal. The Journal also quoted former U.S. Sen. Ralph Yarborough, whose home town is nearby Chandler: “Things are changing at home.” V The General Accounting Office in Washington reports that changes made four years ago by the Reagan administration in the welfare system have removed about 442,000 families from the rolls and made them poorer. In Dallas, for example, the average monthly income of people dropped from the welfare rolls dropped from $731 to $529. In many cases these families lost not only Aid to Families with Dependent Children, but also Medicaid. ri In her column in the Washington Post on the opening meeting of the new Democratic Policy Commission, Mary McGrory wrote, on July 11: “Ann Richards, Texas state treasurer, declared, in a carrying voice, that she thought it was ‘time for a little candor.’ But she offered none beyond a chilly warning that ‘the old programs and the old institutions simply don’t work in this system.’ ” The Wall Street Journal, in an editorial, noted that among the sponsors of a proposal to freeze Social Security cost-of-living adjustments were three Democrats, including Rep. Marvin Leath of Texas. The House overwhelmingly rejected this proposal, and, the Journal noted, House Democratic Campaign Committee Chairman Tony Coehlho handed out bumper stickers saying: “Save Social Security Again Vote Democratic.” Whereupon the Journal observed: “It must be enough wondering whether they are still Democrats.” ci Colleen Parro, an anti-ERA activist who runs the Dallas office of “High Frontier,” the lobbying group for Star Wars, told a columnist: “You have to be a pretty hard left-winger to be opposed to defense or the High Frontier.” Fair Weather Friends V Dallas Times Herald columnist Bill Porterfield got John Henry Faulk to talk candidly about his ill-fated campaign for the Democratic nomination for Congress won by Dan Kubiak. Labor and the party decided to back Kubiak, Faulk said, but Sen. Oscar Mauzy of Dallas urged Faulk to stay in the race. But then: “I couldn’t get my friend Mauzy. He disappeared on me. . . . In each county, the Democratic machine was working against me. They were discrediting me very systematically. Not in any single county did any Democrat officeholder work for me, and some were old friends, people I had supported for years, you know Jim Mattox, Jim Hightower, Ann Richards, Garry . Mauro. They all worked for Kubiak. That I could understand. The party had spoken and they had to go its way. The word had gotten out, don’t touch Faulk. He’ll just be an embarrassment to you. The money is on Kubiak. If my friends had come to me and said, ‘Sorry, Johnny, we’ve got it lined up and we’re going to go with Kubiak,’ I would have me. And this is what I’ll never forgive them for. Friends like Ralph Yarborough, a man I had done benefits for, wouldn’t back me. Wouldn’t back me. In fact, talked against me. And this made me sore, see, and once I got sore, I wouldn’t back down.” Faulk told Porterfield he’ll never make another political speech in Texas and that power “has nothing to do with humanity.” El Political Intelligence is reported by Dawn Albright and Richard Kallus. 14 AUGUST 2, 1985