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ZARRRS:MapiWV, `’.wee ;: details. WIND ENERGY SYMPOSIUM Those interested in learning more about alternative energy sources are invited to would have been better off if they hadn’t gone into nuclear,” according to the Houston Post. Impaction The Texas Women’s Political Caucus announced a two-day meeting in February “for all women in the state of Texas who want to learn how to impact the Texas Legislature.” I/ Rep. Charles Evans of Hurst, nominating Gibson D. “Gib” Lewis for a second term as Speaker of the House, let fly with this piece of poetic praise: “He has had the foresight to attach landing gears to those ideas where only wings were placed thereon in the past.” 1/ The “Foundation for Traditional Morality” of Austin sent a Dr. Paul Cameron to testify before the Houston City Council Jan. 3 that gays should be “quarantined” to stop the spread of AIDS. Cameron is identified with the Institute for the Scientific Investigation of Sexuality of Lincoln, Nebraska. Cameron’s tactic was to create as crude and ugly a public fear of homosexuality as possible, using the AIDS tragedies, to help Houston turn back its city ordinance against discrimination. re s a$ will be Jan -1 8 Starr St., 2tid Hayden Head Judge Filemon eakr i th , gee support o Texas pro e emotional and thancial support forcer ,Merkt, and their families, which indAtit*ing preseiithebie4kar For information about the cases call the Austin to help contact: Rio Grande Defense UTSA READING SERIES The University of Texas at San Antonio Reading Series features noted American poets and fiction writers, such as Elroy Bode, Marilyn Talal, Dave Oliphant, and Alberto Rios, reading from and discussing their works. The series will be January 24-April 25, Teaching Gallery, UTSA campus, San Antonio. Call Jeri Robison, The series is free and open to the public. DISCUSSION GROUP Camino de la Paz is sponsoring informal discussions of current topics every 2nd Monday, 7-9 p.m., repeat topic every last Wednesday, noon-1:30 p.m., Oblate Sem inary, 285 Oblate Dr., San Antonio. The first discussion will be the U.S. Catholic Bishop’s letter on Economics, January 30. for details. FREEZE PLAY “Handy Dandy, a comedy, but,” a twoperson play by William Gibson dedicated the freeze move 2 Showplace, Austin,8 p m ,’ *tin February 5 & 6, & 1 ance followed by dinner az dssston. OBSERVANCES January 27, 1977 President Carter pardoned 10,000 Vietnam War draft resisters. January 31, 1950 President Truman ordered production of the H-bomb. February Black History Month February 1, 1960 Students at North Carolina A&T University began the first civil rights lunch counter sit-in at Woolworth’s in Greensboro, N.C., setting off a Southern wave of civil disobedience protesting segregation of public accommodations. February 9, 1968 Four black student demonstrators were killed by police in Orangeburg, S.C. February 10, 1908 Adina de Zavala, “Savior of the Alamo,” began a 3-day occupation of the Alamo to prevent its destruction by a local hotel syndicate. February 10, 1964 House of Representatives passed the Civil Rights Act. 4, REALIDADES M Realidades Mexicanas, the three-part exhibit of Mexican woodcuts and photo graphs showing the historical context of contemporary Mexican American art, will continue thruogh February 8, Arts Warehouse, 300 San Antonio St., Austin. attend the 4th Annual Wind Energy 36thposium, February 17-22, University of Texas, El Paso. For registration information, contact Dr. Andrew Swift, Dept. of Mechanical & Industrial EngiINFORMATION SYMPOSIUM “The Information Age and the Human Spirit,” 1985 Texas , Lecture and Symposium on the Humanities, will be March 29-30, UT-Austin, featuring lectures and discussion with Bobby Ray Inman, President of Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corp., and New York Public Library Chief Executive, Vartan Grego rian. Registration deadline is. February 22. For information, contact Texas Com mittee for the Humanities, 1604 Nueces, ESSAY CONTEST National Women’s History Week began as an activity of the Education Task Force, Sonoma Co. Commission on the Status of Women, in 1978 to provide local teachers an opportunity to explore the long-ignored contributions of women from diverse cultures in American society. As part of the 1985 National Women’s History Week celebration, Houston Area NOW is sponsoring an essay contest to encourage awareness of women’s history among schoolchildren. The contest is open now through March 1. For rules and informaVIDEO TRAINING provides video training and production services through the Carver Library for residents of East Austin. For more information about participating in the HEALTH SEMINARS Austin Gray Panthers sponsor seminars discussing the politics of health care, every first Monday, 3415 West Ave., Austin, 5:15 p.m. Find out what’s happening at Brackenridge Hospital and what the legislature may do about the medically needy at the February .4 meeting. THE TEXAS OBSERVER 17