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“Land of Bears and Honey is not only reading pleasure; it might well be considered a must for all of us.” JUDYTH RIGLER, LONE STAR LIBRARY LAND OF BEARS AND HONEY A Natural History of East Texas By JOE C. TRUETT and DANIEL W, LAY “. . . authors Joe Truett and Daniel Lay illuminate the life of the East Texas woods by walking through its past… . The authors succeed in imparting a sense of the beauty and value of this threatened area.” THE TEXAS OBSERVER “One need only to consider how many East Texases there areareas of our world once unspoiled, havens for all manner of creatures, now obliterated in the swath cut by what we euphemistically call progressto realize the importance of this book. That Truett and Lay could so effectively combine history, emotion, and reason into their most worthy campaign is commendable.” JUDYTH RIGLER, LONE STAR LIBRARY $12.95 hardcover Write for a free catalog of books on Texas history, politics, and ideas. Now in bookstores Or order postpaid from University of Texas Press BOX 7819 AUSTIN, TEXAS 78713 Truth triumphs through the Texas Observer; clarion call of Alternative Voices. Herewith abandon status quo politicsjoin the National Unity Party and John Anderson. Georgia Daskalos, 6060 Gulfton #605, Houston, TX 77081 ekflizteca 2600 E. 7th St. Austin, Texas 447-4701 carves al carbon cabrito along with the South Texas Project of the ACLU, went to court to prevent McAllen City Hospital, the only nonprofit hospital in the Lower Rio Grande Valley providing indigent health care, from being turned over to a private hospital corporation. TRLA also helped establish migrant worker health clinics in Del Rio and Uvalde. These were later “Reaganized” closed when federal funding was cut back. This past summer, the Department of injunction prohibiting their apprehending people for suspected violations of immigration laws. The injunction comes as a result of a lawsuit filed by TRLA on behalf of Pedro Cervantez, a Mexican American living in the Panhandle who was stopped on his way to work by a DPS officer, who asked for Cervantez’s birth certificate. Cervantez volunteered to go home to get identification papers but was instead thrown in jail for four days on immigration hold. One week later, Juan Lozano, a naturalized citizen, was detained for failing to :-.4! produce a birth certificate. AS ANY READER of the Observer during the past thirty years knows, discrimination, inequity, exploitation, and harassment are a verdant field in Texas. Under David Hall’s direction, TRLA has cut a few paths across the field by which the less-than-powerful, the less-thanprosperous can walk. But there is more. As director of Texas Rural Legal Aid, David Hall has guided the work of ten years of dedicated lawyers and paralegals. Many of them carry his influence to other work to which they have moved. Anyone who comes into contact with David Hall is struck by his intelligence, his compassion, but most of all by his perseverance. Despite investigations by Kent Hance, attacks by Phil Gramm, pressure from local political and economic establishments, law enforcement agencies, local, state and federal agencies, David Hall and TRLA keep fighting the people’s fights. G.R. THE TEXAS OBSERVER 7