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1,:vywr ”’C”gl$NIS116′ irie$ WM. 4 z”. .z .Zs , .,?.\\,% 0 And of course . . . minority women are even worse off than white women. Deane Armstrong, a vice president of the Austin local, Communications Workers of America, 50 The major concerns among women who say they plan to vote for ReaganBush are economic stability, a strong defense, and opposition to what they see as the Democratic party’s wasteful and much-abused “giveaway” programs. Almost all of them disagree with many of Reagan’s social policies, from his stand on abortion to his environmental policies. For the most part, however, that disagreement is not influencing their votes. I don’t like single-issue politics, but Nancy Ferguson I am a Republican because I am economically a Republican. I do not approve of most of their social policies. . . . I don’t know at this minute how I’m gonna vote. I may stay home. Marcia Romberg I’ve gone through two years of economic hardship . . . and I’m ready to have more, to have better, for a long time. . . . I have to take the man who helps me and my family. . . . It’s not that I’m not concerned over poverty, over hunger, over women’s issues; I am. But I’m looking at my own picture, selfishly or not that’s what I’m doing, and hoping it doesn’t come back home to me in the future. . . . I voted for Jimmy Carter . . . I felt that he felt people’s pain . . . but I was afraid after he got to be President that his kindness and his naive attitude were going to get us all killed. I don’t want that anymore. It’s almost like you can’t be a humane person and be President . . . and maybe Ronald Reagan fits that bill. Lynn Cook Women planning to vote for MondaleFerraro listed a somewhat larger range of concerns when asked about the “most important issue” in the election, from Reagan’s “dangerous” foreign policy positions to his cuts in social services . to his potential appointment of at least three new Supreme ,Court justices. There are domestic issues, there are issues in Central America, and .. . all the stuff with Russia, Reagan’s hard-line foreign policy. That’s what scares me. . . . The legislature has some control over domestic troubles, and he can cut but they can fight .. . I think the man could get us into a war without anybody having control over it, and that’s what scares me the most . . . I don’t see him as being level-headed. Poppy Burton We want to live. . . . It seems as though they’re toying around with absolute death for a large percentage of the population. Elouise Burrell, director of a non-profit organization supporting the work of black artists, Austin, 35 It’s all sort of integrated, jobs, looking at the defense, and human services. . . . The whole area that people don’t want to see . . . is the fact that there is a direct relationship [between funds for social services and the military budget]. an activist working on issues affecting the elderly, in her mid 60s For Reagan supporters, the differences between the candidates’ stances on many specific issues other than economics do not seem that substantial 38 OCTOBER 12, 1984