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ANDERSON & COMPANY COFFEE TEA SPICES TWO JEFFERSON !AWARE AUSTIN, TEXAS Mal 512 453-1533 Send me your list. Name Street City Zip Pith/ r , tED Life Insurance and Annuities Martin Elfant, CLU 4223 Richmond, Suite 213, Houston, TX 77027 &Milk OF` Printers Stationers Mailers Typesetters High Speed Web Offset Publication Press Counseling Designing Copy Writing Editing Trade Computer Sales and Services Complete Computer Data Processing Services FUTURA PRESS AUSTIN TEXAS FILJPTILBRA 512/442-7836 1714 South Congress P.O. Box 3485 Austin, Texas 78764 7 TRADES UNION LASEL TEX STIN COUNCIL tional posters and platitudes that have been the signature of its campaigns. Though minority legislators have realized little success in legislative chambers, they are_beginning to recognize their potential as ombudsmen working in a system where application for a marriage license can be a bewildering experience. Navarro Montenegro’s drumbeat criticism of incompetent and often abusive public officials has served to discourage the petty extortion by which police in this city have supplemented their earnings : And there are blankets, medicine, and food. Admittedly this state, like this republic, is a long way from representative democracy. According to Dario Hernandez, “What we row have is a small voice, and people are listening.” There is something disturbingly martial in party literature that invokes militantes to “Arm Themselves” \(with Trenches of Combat.” And even when toned down for an interview with a North American writer, this little voice gets pretty shrill. But there are other voices across the political spectrum. Sixteen years ago, when the Mexican government turned its guns on protesting students at Tlatelolco in Mexico City, about the only voice of protest heard was that of Ambassador Octavio Paz tendering his resignation. Considered in that light, a little apertura can’t be all that bad. DIALOGUE The Greatest Danger I realize that it is fashionable to picture President Reagan as purposely working us in the direction of nuclear war. You could realistically accuse him of being less informed than an American worker who reads a newspaper only. You could honestly picture him as being totally insensitive and uncaring toward the poor and deprived. You could even, with incredible directness, call him the most inept military commander-in-chief in the history of our nation. The list goes on and on, but to actually suggest that he is blithely, even eagerly, steaming toward his ulterior goal, which is to join the . Soviets in the utter destruction of the planet, is the most silly nonsense. It doesn’t take a great deal of sophistication to realize that the Soviets are as attached to Moscow as we are to Washington. If you can accept that premise then you can also see that the greatest danger to the continuation of the human species is nuclear proliferation. The question then becomes one of when, not if, some quack will find his back to the wall and toss a few causing not only tremendous civilian dead, but also untold ecological damage to the planet. This is one area where, to be fair; the Soviets have shown more good sense then we in the west have. Even if their motivations are sensible rather than altruistic one can at least appreciate their ability to perceive the world’s political volatility. Now in contradistinction look at all the different countries who are, thanks to western countries, in the process of acquiring the bomb. Now if this is indeed the major problem then we need to address it as such and come up with some concrete proposals. I realize that it is much more emotionally exciting for you to write about a nuclear holocaust but I suggest someone attempt to address the much more likely scenario. In other words, let’s address the more certain probabilities rather than dwell on your horrific nightmares. Keep searching for the truth. If we don’t find it, we won’t be. James T. Rush, Box 43, Canyon, .Tx. 79015 14 JANUARY 27, 1984